Sunday, March 2, 2008

Stone MTN ride / Airport ride

Saturday was a little over 2 hour ride to STN MTN from the house and back. Worked on power starts, about 12 second efforts from a stop to full sprint. Went on the Airport ride today, short loop with Reger and Remling. Harder effort than I expect on the road back into town. Perceived exertion at about 16 or 17 (of 20) with the HR high for about an hour. Note the graphic (below - lap 2 is the group ride) from 1:10 to 2:10, heart rate pretty much sits above 180 though it never felt that bad. This confirms to me that the VO2 max test that identified my LT at 182 was accurate. Also worked on keeping my cadence higher than normal (chart 2 below) shows that during the group ride it stayed consistanly high. Forgot my food today. Reger gave me a gel but wasn't really enough for the end of the ride. Group ride pace was 22.4 avg speed. Good effort for the day. Lots of people at the first Georgia Cup race in Albany this weekend missing from the ride. Headed to the Wheels O'Fire ride next Saturday in Harris County and our first Colavita Team ride on Sunday (get our team kits!) Let the pain begin.

Airport ride stats Airport ride cadence

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