Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Testing on Joe's CompuTrainer

Busy week, consistent training from last Saturday through today (Thursday). Today I did the Wingate Power test, 30 second sprint from stopped to full sprint. Which is about how long it takes to sprint finish a race, around 300 meters. The idea is to see how much maximum power and average power you can generate. (can you sprint or not?) 923 max watts and 667 avg watts which based on generic charts say that's good (but not great). Now I have some numbers for that. Also did the 3 mile test again and the numbers were the same as last time with the exception of my hr being 10 beats lower. This is good since this is day 6 with no training rest, I did a weight workout this week, I was sick 2 weeks ago and am 8 pounds lighter now. If I have any energy tonight it will be a double day put in some speed work (high cadence). Off tomorrow and 2 long rides this weekend. (Leslie loves me )

Thanks Joe for letting me use your toys again.

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