Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hell of the North w/ Team Colavita

Yes, that's the name of the ride - for good reason. Team ride from Roswell bikes at 9:00 am. Starting temp 31 degrees, 10 team riders. Cold but it did warm up as the day went on. Roswell bikes sagged the ride (one of our sponsors) which was great to shell gear when we needed. We got our team kits so everyone was suited up and looked official. 50 miles, 3053 ft of climbing but felt like 6000 (check out the graph below). No flats. 18.5 avg mph, the legs were screaming to stop today. Between the last 2 weeks of efforts and yesterdays ride in the wind they just didn't want to climb all day. This week is a rest week and I need it. Good bunch of guys on the team. This was our first team ride and meeting. Should be a fun season.

hotn.jpg  Atlanta Colavita Team Photo


  1. Being sponsered by a wine company can't be bad!

  2. Ha... got that right! Colavita has been very generous the pasta and olive oil. Leslie is loving it. Dani, looks like you got an new website... and a team as well - Luna girl. Congratulations.