Friday, March 28, 2008

Cycling Stuff

Powerbar has discontinued their Recovery Shake. I'm not happy. They worked really well for me and tasted great post ride.

Six Gaps registration is now open (for the September ride)?! They have a new website and changed the end of the course. Looks longer (and probably has more climbs). It'll make it that much harder to best your last time.

Tour de Georgia is in 3 weeks. Starts down in Savannah. TTT is at the Road Atlanta and of course they'll be in Dahlonega and Brasstown Bald again.

Team Slipstream was officially invited to the Tour de France (as one of only 3 non international pro teams). Astana got rejected and you haven't seen them at any of the international races. They will, however, be at the Tour de Georgia though. But Rock Racing was excluded.

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