Saturday, March 22, 2008

72.8 Miles at Silk Sheets

With Reger. The plan was slow, flat roads, whatever distance, learn to use aero bars (first ride with them other than the trainer on Wed.). Probably spent 1/3 of the ride using them. Cheater bars... gain 3 or 4 miles per hour with no extra effort. Sweet! Now I'm going to feel like a slow poke without them. Started with some breakfast at Waffle house (grease it up). 4 hours 10 min. Kind of a base ride, aerobic work in zone 1 and 2 and no anaerobic stuff at all. The legs wouldn't have wanted much more anyway after this week. Finished with a 17.5 avg mph. Stuck it in the 140 to 155 hr range and left it there. I don't get to ride a steady pace for that long very often. Finished with 146 avg hr. for the day... about 20 beats higher than Joe. Our flat ride had 3700 feet of climbing. Only a half a dozen dog chases (always on Joe's side). 1 check of the map. Started in on the cycling shorts leg tan white thigh look already. 2 store stops and Joe stayed consistent with the little donuts for extreme power. Great ride day.

Leslie says Peachtee cashed our checks for the race - so we got numbers.

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