Wednesday, March 26, 2008

30 mile ride at STN MTN

Redemption... kind of. I had to abandon my ride yesterday on the trainer. Couldn't get my hr up and legs had nothing.

Another day of rest and a good night sleep. 1.5 hours at the gym this morning. Same as last time, warm up - 10 exercises with 2 to 3 sets - 20 min spin, pushing a little more weight. Now over 400 pounds on the leg press for the last set of 10 reps. Felt strong today.

This evening I rode with Bill (from our team) out to STN MTN and back. We split up once we got there to do our own workout. I did 30 min of tempo work. HR at 165 to 180, 175 avg. 2 loops plus one mile, 10.5 miles. 13:40 a lap, 21mph avg. Didn't hammer the hills, just stayed steady. It's tough trying to keep a steady hr with all the hills. Meet back up with Bill and back to the house. Good ride. I'll probably fall apart tomorrow on the Pizza ride.

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