Thursday, February 28, 2008

Training this week

Starting to turn things around from the sickness, feel pretty good minus a lingering cough. Got a Trainer ride in last Saturday, Sunday ride out to Stone Mountain and back. This week was a strength week. 1.5 hours on the trainer of BIG gear slow cadence work on Tuesday, Thursday and abs, legs (lunges and squats for 1 hour) plus 30 minute recover ride on Wednesday.

So much for P90X, three months of hard work neutralized by 1 week of snowboarding, 1 week of sickness (plus not doing weights 3 times a week now for 2 months). I'm back down to my riding weight. I didn't eat for several days when I got sick but I figured a few trips to T-Bell and Micky D's would fix that. Nope. Much better power to weight ratio but man all that work for what! My body seems to adapt quickly to whatever my training efforts are. I know my overall fitness is better and I did get a lot of strength gains but it's still disheartening.

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