Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snowboard Trip / My B-Day / I'm Sick!

Went to Snowshoe in WV for a week to go snowboarding with Norman. Drove up Monday, ride Tuesday - Thursday, back on Friday. Spent lots of time on the kiddy terrain park cause that's about my skill level. I wore my Garmin a couple of times to get some stats, out of curiosity - Max HR 161 but usually around 140 for the ride down, avg 101 for just under 2 hours with the lift rides up, speed between 15 and 23 mph mostly, with 4700 feet of decent, 9.6 miles. (on this sample outing). We rode about 5 hours each day.

Saturday the 16th was my birthday! Which started Friday afternoon on the return home starting to get sick with fevers by that night. No eating for 3 days and a trip to the Doc's on Monday which included a flu test - a long q-tip (on fire) crammed through each nostril to the back of the skull - reveled I had... the flu. wow. I couldn't even get the energy to sit down at my computer and check the 10,0000 emails sent while I was away until Wednesday.

There was a Lunar Eclipse last night... very cool.

Feeling better now and hoping to get some easy miles in on the bike this weekend.

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