Thursday, February 28, 2008

Training this week

Starting to turn things around from the sickness, feel pretty good minus a lingering cough. Got a Trainer ride in last Saturday, Sunday ride out to Stone Mountain and back. This week was a strength week. 1.5 hours on the trainer of BIG gear slow cadence work on Tuesday, Thursday and abs, legs (lunges and squats for 1 hour) plus 30 minute recover ride on Wednesday.

So much for P90X, three months of hard work neutralized by 1 week of snowboarding, 1 week of sickness (plus not doing weights 3 times a week now for 2 months). I'm back down to my riding weight. I didn't eat for several days when I got sick but I figured a few trips to T-Bell and Micky D's would fix that. Nope. Much better power to weight ratio but man all that work for what! My body seems to adapt quickly to whatever my training efforts are. I know my overall fitness is better and I did get a lot of strength gains but it's still disheartening.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We met Emme

On Sunday night... took over some food to the Reger / Dean's, ate some pizza and oooo'd and aaaahhhh'd over baby Emme. Ava and Aidan had a date. Ate pizza at the table in the kitchen together which escalated into running, screaming and throwing toys at each other.

Site Re-launch - Just finished some work for Blue Marble Media / The Voyager Group. Expanded an existing flash website to include a new products section and add some functionality based on the existing portfolio design.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snowboard Trip / My B-Day / I'm Sick!

Went to Snowshoe in WV for a week to go snowboarding with Norman. Drove up Monday, ride Tuesday - Thursday, back on Friday. Spent lots of time on the kiddy terrain park cause that's about my skill level. I wore my Garmin a couple of times to get some stats, out of curiosity - Max HR 161 but usually around 140 for the ride down, avg 101 for just under 2 hours with the lift rides up, speed between 15 and 23 mph mostly, with 4700 feet of decent, 9.6 miles. (on this sample outing). We rode about 5 hours each day.

Saturday the 16th was my birthday! Which started Friday afternoon on the return home starting to get sick with fevers by that night. No eating for 3 days and a trip to the Doc's on Monday which included a flu test - a long q-tip (on fire) crammed through each nostril to the back of the skull - reveled I had... the flu. wow. I couldn't even get the energy to sit down at my computer and check the 10,0000 emails sent while I was away until Wednesday.

There was a Lunar Eclipse last night... very cool.

Feeling better now and hoping to get some easy miles in on the bike this weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today is the Chinese New Year

It's the year of the Rat. There is a 12 year cycle on the animals and I was born in the year of the Rat in 1972. Yes, that means I'm 36 (some time this year).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bearington Bears

While working on the new portfolio site for Blue Marble Media, I stumbled across some work we did for them a while back. Simple flash image fades. Never saw them on the finished site until now. Cute product.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Vote

It's super Tuesday, presidential primary elections. Whatever your opinion, go vote for somebody. (But if you don't vote Republican, you'll be tearing down my business and I won't like you.)

Monday, February 4, 2008

VO2 Max Test

At the Sports Factory with Matt Russ. Reger was there to get beat up on the run and bike as well. I wanted to take this test to see where my fitness level currently is, give me a base line for the begining of the season, get an accurate Anaerobic Threshold for training intensities and compaire them with the results I get from the CTS field tests.

Joe had his running test first and put out some serious effort, highest hr I've ever seen out of him. He's posted details here - . I took on the bike first to let Joe recover. Initially the mask was very uncomfortable and felt very labored in breathing. Inhaling was fine (fresh air) but the exhail was difficult even at a very easy pace. The test is just a consistent pedaling cadence (85 rpm) for as long as possible while wattage is increased - go until you drop. It takes maybe 10+ minutes. My numbers:

Aet (low end aerobic training zone start) - 30ml, hr 149, 700 calories an hour
AT (point at which I can no longer sustain intensity past this point) - 47.4ml, hr 182, 1107 calories
VO2 Max (at peak effort) - 60.5ml, hr 197, 1411 calories

I currently don't have any numbers to compare these too but hope to to see changes by mid season. This seems to be a much more accurate AT(or LT) based on my riding experience than what my field test show. What's interesting to me is that Reger has the same bike AT HR that I do so our training zones should be similar however, he gets more oxygen than I do at that level.

I was also instructed that my P90X training was extremely counter productive to the cycling (which I knew) and was hurting my power to weight ratio. But I look better (which may be more important?)!

IMG_4630.JPG IMG_4633.JPG IMG_4634.JPG IMG_4637.JPG IMG_4640.JPG IMAG0062w.jpg