Sunday, January 6, 2008

SufferFest Day 4

A nice little stroll around silk sheets. 50 miles... why only 50? Because that's how long the loop was and food sounded like a better plan, plus Reger was starting to get a little chaffed (see pictures below). Started with breakfast at Waffle house, oh ya. 8 people today. Tucker Bob and A.K. (thanks for pulling us around for the day) Reger, Remling, Dani, Keith, Matthew (out part way due to injury) and myself. It was quite funny seeing Joe pass groups of riders (with his sporting gear on) as well as pulling into a gas station at 30 miles with 20 cyclists checking him out. I know at least one though about giving him a dollar. Dani gets the star for the day being sick, finishing the ride and going to eat mexican food after the ride. Nice and warm, 17.8 avg mph, 133 avg hr, 3560 calories burned, 2443 feet of climbing, 2 hours 49 minutes of riding time.

SufferFest Reflection... what did we learn. Reger couldn't figure out how to write camel toe into his blog but I figured out a way to yell it out at Hooters. Don't go riding in under 40 degree weather (except for sufferfest), those heat pads you put in your shoes and gloves don't work, you can ride really far on donuts and honey buns, hills hurt on day 3 but found a nice new course in the process, Remling likes to eat Mexican after riding... always, county limit signs are always sprintable, why take pictures when Reger is there - just take his and put them on your blog, you can change plans / riding distances and seeing Reger in a thong is disturbing.

Thanks to Remling (3 rides), Keith (3 rides), Dani (2 rides), Dylan, Bob and A.K. for joining us (Matthew, Joe and I) on the rides! And talking trash, eating and some suffering as well. We didn't cover the targeting distance but got some good training in. I had fun.

treo_010-15.jpg IMAG0043.jpg IMAG0042.jpg treo_000-2.jpg treo_010-16.jpg treo_010-17.jpg


  1. And now I'm stealin' some photos from you! Nice lessons learned... about what I learned too.

  2. Thanks so much for having me and sorry to slow you guys down! I am going to be working hard to do more pulling next time!