Saturday, January 5, 2008

SufferFest Day 3

6 riders - Keith, Dylan, Matthew, Remling, Joe and I. 11:00 am start. Climbing, rolling hills and more climbing. Sounded like a great plan but not in reality. With fresh legs, this is a great alternative to the gaps. 5257 feet of climbing in 58 miles. Abandoned the 90 plan as the pain set in. Way too hard at the start and didn't really let up much. Easy route to follow. Strong riding by everybody, especially for day 3! 16 mph avg speed, 5729 Calories burned, 149 avg hr, 3 hours 37 minutes. Post celebration with mexican food in downtown Ellijay, mmmmmm.

treo_010-14.jpg sf08-elev.jpg

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