Friday, January 4, 2008

SufferFest Day 2

80 Miles at Serrano. 6 of us today! Dani, Keith, Joe Remling, Matthew, Reger and I. Breakfast at Panera. Ride start at 10:00. 30 degrees but wamed up to 45 by 3:00pm. 16.5 avg mph (respectable) which seems like it should have been faster since we were holding 20 mph for good periods of time but with a few rolling hills, a slow start and multiple stops for donuts and other sugar goodies we were a little handicapped. Not bad for 80 miles though. Some wind from time to time but not bad. Everybody had a good ride day and took there turns pulling. Good change in the dynamic of the group with different people, temperature and number of riders. Much stronger today, though we were working harder and the sweat cooled the body temp a little more. Post celebration at MOE'S. 139 avg hr, 6364 calories burned, 3187 feet of climbing, 4 hours 52 minutes of riding. Bigger group tomorrow.

treo_010-11.jpg treo_010-12.jpg treo_010-13.jpg treo_000-1.jpg IMAG0038.jpg


  1. Great job guys! I got the FB invite. Unfortunately, I can't jump in now due to shoulder injury. Hopefully, I will be ready to ride this summer.

    Marc, where did you get that shirt. "Like it a lot!"

    - Freddy

  2. - search for cycling. Sorry to hear your injured. Jump in Next time!