Thursday, January 3, 2008

SufferFest Day 1

3 Suffer-ers... Joe, Matthew and I - not much of a turn-out As expected. 12:15pm start, 27 degrees. Taylorsville loop. 55 miles at a blistering 14.7 mph avg pace. The terrain was rolling hills with around 3000 feet of climbing. Dam cold... tough to do much of anything. We did manage to choke down pop-tarts, donuts and some gels. It took us 3 hours 42 minutes for the loop and were afraid we'd be stuck in the dark in freezing temps as the sun was already ducking behind the trees so we cut the day short knowing we have 3 more days to ride. Post celebration at the Hiram Hooters... quality! Tomorrows ride has been changed to Serrano because... that's what we decided. (28 degrees in the mountains doesn't sound like much fun).

treo_010-4.jpg IMAG0037.jpg treo_010-6.jpg

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