Monday, January 14, 2008

2007 Year In Review (Training)

It's the middle of January and I just got the Georgia Cup race email for the first race on March 1st. It's about time I put something down. Created SufferFest with Joe and Dana - Started the year off right with Sufferfest this year on the first weekend. I joined the Colavita / Sutter Homes Team to race with in 2008. They were kind enough to invite me last year and this year again. I'll be racing with Joe Remling, Matthew Crouch and 9 other guys from around Atlanta. Made it to the Airport Ride on Sunday and had lunch with a few guys from the Aaron's team. I also just finished up P90X - 13 weeks of body torture and destruction which is a great program if you have the time and dedication.

Here's some stats for the year:
394 Hours of training - that works out to 1 hour 5 minutes a day
267 sessions (some double days but different times and training)
4767 Miles on the bike (@ 299 hours)
158 Rides
Ran my fastest Peachtree Race ever 55 minutes flat (I'm not a runner so don't laugh)
4 Road Bike Races entered - Best place 3rd
50 Mile Mountain bike Fools Gold Race
12 rides over 80 miles - 7 official centuries
12 event rides (race or charity events)
Longest Ride - 156 miles (yes I puked) - 9.5 hours moving - 10,000+ calories burned
Fastest Ride - 26 mph - Crit race in Jax
Highest Heart Rate - 208 - Crit race in Jax
Highest Avg Hr - 192 - Crit race in Jax
5 trips to the Gaps
On the Pizza ride 16 times
Hell ride of note - Covington Century (not doing that ride in 2008)

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  1. Awesome, Marc.

    Prediction: You will accomplish great things this year! (I'm leaving the exact details for you to fill in, of course).