Thursday, January 31, 2008

Field Test

Consisted of $1 bills, a stage, a pole and... wait, wrong test. My CTS Field Test to see where my fitness level is and figure out my hr training ranges. This is a 3 mile all out effort, short recovery and repeat. Reger was nice enough to host the event while I abused his computrainer. This gave me watts, no wind, warm temps and all the other required stats (lab test conditions - nice)

Field Test Results for Jan 31 2008
Course : Cycling (CompuTrainer)
Terrain : Flat (simulated course)
Humidity : 0.0
Temperature: Warm (60-80 F)
Weight : 178.0lbs

Interval 1
Elapsed Time : 00:07:52
Distance : 3.0Miles
Average Speed : 22.9 mph
Average BPM : 186
Average Power : 278 watts
Maximum BPM : 196
Maximum Power : 392 watts
Average Cadence : 102
Perceived Exertion: 10 - extremely difficult

Interval 2
Elapsed Time : 00:08:20
Distance : 3.0Miles
Average Speed : 21.6 mph
Average BPM : 183
Average Power : 254 watts
Maximum BPM : 196
Maximum Power : 384 watts
Average Cadence : 96
Perceived Exertion: 9 - very difficult

My second effort should have been stronger but I think the first one is accurate. This will give me a base line for the start of the season. I hope to increase my watts to 300 for the 3 mile effort by mid season. These are always fun trying to break yourself.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have been, just not posting everything. Not sure anyone really cares anyway. I feel like I'm starting to convert all the strength training I've done over the last several months into power on the bike. I've been doing targeted rides on the trainer now for a few weeks. I won't really know until I get back out on the road in a group ride. Sunday?

Since I've finished up P90X my training now looks like Monday upper body weight training, Tuesday and Thursday specific trainer rides, Wednesday plyos or leg strength work, Saturday upper body strength training, long ride on Sunday (on trainer if under 40 degrees). 3 random days get abs.

Put a 3 hour trainer ride in on Sunday (watched 300 and 1/2 of The Matrix). I'm back following the Carmichael training plan (for 3 or 4 days at least). I have a field test this week. It's been a long time. I'm going to get a VO2 Max test done at The Sports Factory the week after to test the accuracy and get a base reference point for the beginning of the season. I hope they tell me I have no hope in ever racing very well so I can stop all this, sit on the couch and watch TV.


Slack on the updates... work and life taking over again. Leslie and I met up with Reger, Dani and few others for diner and a showing of Spirit of the Marathon (documentary) last week. Not very good. Also met up with Heather, Joe and Ava for diner at Los Hermanos on Sunday. Always good to get the little ones together for some chaos. Today was a big day for Aidan (and me) at school. I brought the interactive snack for today - cinnamon sugar toast, cut into shapes. Very exciting. 8 kids... Aidan was the only one who didn't eat. Figures.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

2 Snow Days with Aidan

Wed. 16th and yesterday the 19th is snowed here in Atlanta. Aidan's first snow! No snow man or snow angles... but we did ride the bike.
snow8.jpg snow1.jpg snow2.jpg snow3.jpg snow4.jpg snow5.jpg snow6.jpg snow7.jpg

Monday, January 14, 2008

2007 Year In Review (Training)

It's the middle of January and I just got the Georgia Cup race email for the first race on March 1st. It's about time I put something down. Created SufferFest with Joe and Dana - Started the year off right with Sufferfest this year on the first weekend. I joined the Colavita / Sutter Homes Team to race with in 2008. They were kind enough to invite me last year and this year again. I'll be racing with Joe Remling, Matthew Crouch and 9 other guys from around Atlanta. Made it to the Airport Ride on Sunday and had lunch with a few guys from the Aaron's team. I also just finished up P90X - 13 weeks of body torture and destruction which is a great program if you have the time and dedication.

Here's some stats for the year:
394 Hours of training - that works out to 1 hour 5 minutes a day
267 sessions (some double days but different times and training)
4767 Miles on the bike (@ 299 hours)
158 Rides
Ran my fastest Peachtree Race ever 55 minutes flat (I'm not a runner so don't laugh)
4 Road Bike Races entered - Best place 3rd
50 Mile Mountain bike Fools Gold Race
12 rides over 80 miles - 7 official centuries
12 event rides (race or charity events)
Longest Ride - 156 miles (yes I puked) - 9.5 hours moving - 10,000+ calories burned
Fastest Ride - 26 mph - Crit race in Jax
Highest Heart Rate - 208 - Crit race in Jax
Highest Avg Hr - 192 - Crit race in Jax
5 trips to the Gaps
On the Pizza ride 16 times
Hell ride of note - Covington Century (not doing that ride in 2008)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

SufferFest Day 4

A nice little stroll around silk sheets. 50 miles... why only 50? Because that's how long the loop was and food sounded like a better plan, plus Reger was starting to get a little chaffed (see pictures below). Started with breakfast at Waffle house, oh ya. 8 people today. Tucker Bob and A.K. (thanks for pulling us around for the day) Reger, Remling, Dani, Keith, Matthew (out part way due to injury) and myself. It was quite funny seeing Joe pass groups of riders (with his sporting gear on) as well as pulling into a gas station at 30 miles with 20 cyclists checking him out. I know at least one though about giving him a dollar. Dani gets the star for the day being sick, finishing the ride and going to eat mexican food after the ride. Nice and warm, 17.8 avg mph, 133 avg hr, 3560 calories burned, 2443 feet of climbing, 2 hours 49 minutes of riding time.

SufferFest Reflection... what did we learn. Reger couldn't figure out how to write camel toe into his blog but I figured out a way to yell it out at Hooters. Don't go riding in under 40 degree weather (except for sufferfest), those heat pads you put in your shoes and gloves don't work, you can ride really far on donuts and honey buns, hills hurt on day 3 but found a nice new course in the process, Remling likes to eat Mexican after riding... always, county limit signs are always sprintable, why take pictures when Reger is there - just take his and put them on your blog, you can change plans / riding distances and seeing Reger in a thong is disturbing.

Thanks to Remling (3 rides), Keith (3 rides), Dani (2 rides), Dylan, Bob and A.K. for joining us (Matthew, Joe and I) on the rides! And talking trash, eating and some suffering as well. We didn't cover the targeting distance but got some good training in. I had fun.

treo_010-15.jpg IMAG0043.jpg IMAG0042.jpg treo_000-2.jpg treo_010-16.jpg treo_010-17.jpg

Saturday, January 5, 2008

SufferFest Day 3

6 riders - Keith, Dylan, Matthew, Remling, Joe and I. 11:00 am start. Climbing, rolling hills and more climbing. Sounded like a great plan but not in reality. With fresh legs, this is a great alternative to the gaps. 5257 feet of climbing in 58 miles. Abandoned the 90 plan as the pain set in. Way too hard at the start and didn't really let up much. Easy route to follow. Strong riding by everybody, especially for day 3! 16 mph avg speed, 5729 Calories burned, 149 avg hr, 3 hours 37 minutes. Post celebration with mexican food in downtown Ellijay, mmmmmm.

treo_010-14.jpg sf08-elev.jpg

Friday, January 4, 2008

SufferFest Day 2

80 Miles at Serrano. 6 of us today! Dani, Keith, Joe Remling, Matthew, Reger and I. Breakfast at Panera. Ride start at 10:00. 30 degrees but wamed up to 45 by 3:00pm. 16.5 avg mph (respectable) which seems like it should have been faster since we were holding 20 mph for good periods of time but with a few rolling hills, a slow start and multiple stops for donuts and other sugar goodies we were a little handicapped. Not bad for 80 miles though. Some wind from time to time but not bad. Everybody had a good ride day and took there turns pulling. Good change in the dynamic of the group with different people, temperature and number of riders. Much stronger today, though we were working harder and the sweat cooled the body temp a little more. Post celebration at MOE'S. 139 avg hr, 6364 calories burned, 3187 feet of climbing, 4 hours 52 minutes of riding. Bigger group tomorrow.

treo_010-11.jpg treo_010-12.jpg treo_010-13.jpg treo_000-1.jpg IMAG0038.jpg

Thursday, January 3, 2008

SufferFest Day 1

3 Suffer-ers... Joe, Matthew and I - not much of a turn-out As expected. 12:15pm start, 27 degrees. Taylorsville loop. 55 miles at a blistering 14.7 mph avg pace. The terrain was rolling hills with around 3000 feet of climbing. Dam cold... tough to do much of anything. We did manage to choke down pop-tarts, donuts and some gels. It took us 3 hours 42 minutes for the loop and were afraid we'd be stuck in the dark in freezing temps as the sun was already ducking behind the trees so we cut the day short knowing we have 3 more days to ride. Post celebration at the Hiram Hooters... quality! Tomorrows ride has been changed to Serrano because... that's what we decided. (28 degrees in the mountains doesn't sound like much fun).

treo_010-4.jpg IMAG0037.jpg treo_010-6.jpg