Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

My family was here for 4 days. We ate... and ate... and ate. And we drank some too, wine, margaritas, the usual. Leslie wow'd us with meals and spent most of the time in the kitchen. Grandpa spent lots of time with Aidan and showed him how to draw airplans and da-zhu's (helicopters, it's a long story). Mom showed off her wii bowling skills. I ambushed Mathew onto Facebook. My aunt and cousins, Jennifer and Melanie also came over for x-mas eve dinner. Aidan got a new bike and TONS of other... stuff. I've already spent my Performance gift certificate on things to keep me warm during sufferfest.

We also went to Stone Mountain to look at the lights with Aidan. Colder this year than last. Made the mistake of going on Dec. 23rd instead of Christmas eve. LOTS of people. We snuck into the village and Aidan ran through crowds of people screaming for 20 minutes or so... he loved it.

A typical day tomorrow - Morgan is coming over to watch Aidan, Gloria will be here to clean the house, Leslie has PT, I need to work (and need to get a workout in somewhere), we have to get to the grocery and Leslie's good friend is coming into town to stay with us for the weekend. It will be chaos.

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