Sunday, December 9, 2007

80 Mile Ride - Tucker to Airport Ride & Back Home

Took advantage of the weather today. Still recovering from a week of sickness. Easy 20 mile ride from the house to the start of the Airport Ride. Left at 8:20am, wasn't sure how long it would take and wanted to take my time. I planned the ride down via past ride routes - Northlake / Tucker ride to Pizza ride to Bike South ride to Outback ride and down Edgewood. No problems. Got downtown WAY early. Big group, 130 or so people but I didn't see a lot of the people I usually talk to. Lots of sketchy riding from the non-regulars. 4 weel touches around me. Took the short loop, stayed in the pack all day until the end which seemed pretty easy today. 22 avg mph with the group. Once we got past the airport on the way back, I went off the front with one other person. We stayed away for the last 5 or six miles but got caught by a couple of lights and the pack rolled up on us at the last light at the end. Rode back from downtown with 2 other guys, one stopped in Decatur the other all the way to Stone Mountain. Didn't really get tired until I got almost to downtown Tucker. Didn't eat enough today. Great weather, great ride. Wish the Tuckertiers could have made the loop with me. Note: My Garmin was dead before the ride started so no map or stats.

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