Thursday, December 27, 2007

You Should See the Other Kid

black eye

Merry Christmas

My family was here for 4 days. We ate... and ate... and ate. And we drank some too, wine, margaritas, the usual. Leslie wow'd us with meals and spent most of the time in the kitchen. Grandpa spent lots of time with Aidan and showed him how to draw airplans and da-zhu's (helicopters, it's a long story). Mom showed off her wii bowling skills. I ambushed Mathew onto Facebook. My aunt and cousins, Jennifer and Melanie also came over for x-mas eve dinner. Aidan got a new bike and TONS of other... stuff. I've already spent my Performance gift certificate on things to keep me warm during sufferfest.

We also went to Stone Mountain to look at the lights with Aidan. Colder this year than last. Made the mistake of going on Dec. 23rd instead of Christmas eve. LOTS of people. We snuck into the village and Aidan ran through crowds of people screaming for 20 minutes or so... he loved it.

A typical day tomorrow - Morgan is coming over to watch Aidan, Gloria will be here to clean the house, Leslie has PT, I need to work (and need to get a workout in somewhere), we have to get to the grocery and Leslie's good friend is coming into town to stay with us for the weekend. It will be chaos.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

SufferFest Update

10 days away! 4 days bike riding - around 100 miles each day. Dates are picked, routes are pretty much nailed down. Sorry if you didn't get an invite, don't take it personal but join us if you can. We have group on Facebook that has all the info. Contact me and I'll send you an invite to the group. Let us know if you plan to jump in on one or all of the rides.

And... a pre Thank You to Leslie's family for coming up to help take care of the MONSTER whiling I'm off playing on the bike for 4 days!


The family (mine) came into town today for Christmas. Went to Stone Mountain and looked at the lights with Aidan. Cold, chaotic, fun. Looking forward to some time with them over the next few days.

Jojo has recovered - done with his meds (finally) and all the wounds have scabbed over and healed up.

Got some good news for Aidan. He may be starting at a new private school next year that we were hoping to get him in to.

Went to Leslie's company holiday party last Wednesday. Small, good people, dinner and after they hired a professional poker dealer to teach us how to play and deal for a couple of hours. Sad but I hadn't played every really. Lots of fun. Now Les has some "skillz" to play with her mom. Come on big money!

New Garmin

Sometime in early 2008 Garmin will release the new Edge 705 HRM Outdoor Fitness GPS with Heart Rate Monitor

Of significant interest (to me) are these two items:
Full-Featured Navigation- No more scratch paper clipped to your handlebars or pulling maps out of your pocket. In addition to their cycling computer functions, The Edge 705 and 605 provide the same robust navigation as Garmin's vehicle navigators, with turn-by-turn spoken directions (turn left in 500 yards) and a 2.2-inch (diagonal) color display that shows maps in great detail. Both devices come pre-loaded with a built-in basemap, and a MicroSD card slot you can use to load new maps.

Connectivity and "ANT + Sport" - an approach to fitness devices as a total platform with the "ANT + Sport" connectivity system will interface wirelessly with any devices that are compatible with the "ANT + Sport" protocol, including devices from other manufacturers = power from third-party power meters.

Garmin 705

Thursday, December 13, 2007

20 Miles @ Stone Mountain

Another double day. 1 hour back and biceps in the morning, 20 miles at the mountain tonight. Still nice weather, quiet. Rode for a while before sunset, then twighlight and a final loop just after dark in the misty rain. All the holiday lights are up. Nice vibe.

Just got a link to this race - - Holly hell that looks like fun... and a lot of pain.

New Phone

Christmas came a little early - got me a T-Mobile Shadow. No more "rave" phone (donated to Aidan, meaning the power is left on and it's on my desk for him to take instead of my new one). Pictures, mp3's, texting, internet... too complicated for me right now but I'm working on it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just Re-Launched - KPS Group - Originally designed and programmed in 2003, Frequency 650 just replaced 2/3 of the portfolio, added several sections and restructured the site. We kept the design and programming of the original, just enhanced it.

KPS Group

30 Miles @ Stone MTN

Got a good double workout in today. 1 hour chest, shoulders, tricepts workout then this afternoon, 30 miles at the mountain. Amazing weather. Hooked up with Dana, Andreas, Dan and the rest of the Spanish crew for 6 tempo laps. I think at one point we had 10 riders in the group. MUCH easier to get the miles in. 1 hour 38 minutes.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Save the Date: Sufferfest 2008, Jan 3rd - 6th

Thursday - Sunday. You already have time-off for New Years. Take a few more days and join us. FYI, this is Part 1 of 2. Part 2 is in March. Details to come. If you have some ideas for places to ride, let us know.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

80 Mile Ride - Tucker to Airport Ride & Back Home

Took advantage of the weather today. Still recovering from a week of sickness. Easy 20 mile ride from the house to the start of the Airport Ride. Left at 8:20am, wasn't sure how long it would take and wanted to take my time. I planned the ride down via past ride routes - Northlake / Tucker ride to Pizza ride to Bike South ride to Outback ride and down Edgewood. No problems. Got downtown WAY early. Big group, 130 or so people but I didn't see a lot of the people I usually talk to. Lots of sketchy riding from the non-regulars. 4 weel touches around me. Took the short loop, stayed in the pack all day until the end which seemed pretty easy today. 22 avg mph with the group. Once we got past the airport on the way back, I went off the front with one other person. We stayed away for the last 5 or six miles but got caught by a couple of lights and the pack rolled up on us at the last light at the end. Rode back from downtown with 2 other guys, one stopped in Decatur the other all the way to Stone Mountain. Didn't really get tired until I got almost to downtown Tucker. Didn't eat enough today. Great weather, great ride. Wish the Tuckertiers could have made the loop with me. Note: My Garmin was dead before the ride started so no map or stats.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our House is Sick

Aidan has been on and off with a cough for over a week. Last night I finally went down with a fever and stuffed up head. Leslie is feeling down today as well. It was about time between the training, Aidan being sick and lots of work stress. Hopefully, it will be short and today will be the worst of it.

JoJo is on the Mend

The tubes are out and his puncture wounds are mostly scabbed over. Antibiotics for another week because he still has some swelling but he's doing much better.

First Night of Hanukkah

Tuesday - We had a wonderful meal: Brisket with carrots, potato pancakes and challah bread. mmmm. We lit the menorah and Aidan opened a present (a sit-and-spin) which kept him entertained for a while.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Just Launched - Clue Solutions (CSi) - a site cast concrete solution company. A fast and cost effective building solution. Simple HTML site.


Just Launched - The Bellevue Collection - Luxury comes to the collection. Another addition to Bellevue Square with high-end retail. Developed for Blue Marble Media (designer) / The Voyager Group / Kemper Development. Flash site with a video intro.

The Bellevue Collection

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Airport Ride - Long Loop

Fun ride but not so strong today. It's been 2 weeks since I've been on my bike so I should have known it would hurt today. Dana and Matthew made it out today. Turned for the long loop and made it to about 30 miles and popped off the back. Followed another rider who came off at the same time - short cut back to the main road back into town. Cut out 10 miles. Hooked up with another group of 4 riders who had started early and hammered on back to the start. Finished about 20 minutes before the group.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jojo is hurt

After returning from Florida, our 2 older children (Max and Jojo - dogs) came back on Tuesday morning. Jojo's neck was swollen an he had little scabs all over from what looked like bites. On Wednesday he had a huge lump across his back. We took him to the vet immediately. He had scrapes and bites all down one side of his face and neck and a dozen large puncture wounds across his back which became infected with an enormous abscess. He went into surgery and now has 4 tubes, 8 drain holes in his back to drain the fluid. He came home Thursday, went back Friday (he wasn't eating and was throwing up). He's back home now and looks much better. He's a champ, he never shows any sign of injury or pain and still looks happy. The tubes come out on Monday and stich up the holes. Leslie has been cleaning the wounds every couple of hours and getting his meds down him. She's a great mom taking care of our boy. Aidan has been saying, "hurt" for days and staying out of the way. On Friday morning, Aidan went and got his blanket from his bed and put it down in front of Jojo to lay on. Not sure if I'll post pictures or not.

Stone Mountain Ride...ughh

Fought though traffic on Wednesday to get the mountain at about 5:15pm. Went about 1/4 mile and my cable snapped to the rear derailleur. I decided at least one lap as a fixed gear (12) had to happen since I drove over, spent all that time putting my winter gear and lights on. Bike went to the shop - needed new cables and housing, new chain and cassette. Lucky they could pull the cable head out of the shifter otherwise I would have needed an new one of those as well. The big chain ring is also warn but I'm waiting on that one. It's all 1 1/2 seasons old so its gotten its use.