Monday, November 26, 2007

Trip to Florida - Thanksgiving

Aidan is a trooper. 10 hour drive (with stops) from here to Stuart, Florida to Leslie's parents for Thanksgiving. Never a problem. 3 DVD movies and one nap. Uncle Michael was there when we got there. I took a trip down to Fort Lauderdale to see Charles on Tuesday (1.5 hours south). Lots of great food and some early Hanukah presents for Aidan. Ate like kings all week. Amie came in on Thursday. Drove up to my parents in St. Mary's, Ga on Saturday (5.5 hours with construction and an accident). Aidan was great again. Just finished the new house; very nice digs. Leslie had an allergy attack from the cat and we left for home on Sunday after breakfast. Should have been 5 hours of driving but... left at 10:30, construction, accidents and loads of traffic. Got home around 6:45. We did stop at the outlet mall to keep from going postal. Aidan was the only one to say calm.

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