Sunday, November 4, 2007

First Airport Ride of 2007

Great weather, maybe 80+ riders. Got the layering right. Remling made an appearance. I also saw Michele and a dozen other riders I see every week on other rides. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Quicker than normal pace out to the nature break but fairly reserved until the break-off for the longer loop. I should have gone on the long loop today. The legs felt good. Most people opted for the long loop. 35 or so went short. I sat in the back until we had about 15 miles to go. I was getting bored and jumped up to the front to help push the pace a little bit. Ended with maybe 15 people so we lost some on the way back. Windy but not terrible.

Group ride was 21.3 avg pace. 40 mile group ride - 48 for the day (ride to the start and back to the car), 3354 calories burned, 1525 feet of climbing, no hr monitor today.

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