Sunday, November 11, 2007

66.5 Mile Airport Ride - Long Loop

One of the toughest group rides for sure. 60 miles with the pack, 21.4 avg mph for the ride. Reger, Dana and I started from the Carter Center and ran into Remling on the way to the start. Perfect weather. 100+ people at the start, maybe 130 or more. The peleton was huge. About 30 of us turned for the long loop. All 3 of us all did our part rotating through and taking our turns pulling. Lots of rolling hills in the back (2245 feet of climbing today) and constant surges all the way back. 1 stop at about 38 miles. Not what you would call a winter base ride but dam fun. Pretty much everyone stayed together on the way back. (All the big boys were on the long loop). I think Reger and I along with one other person didn't have racing jearseys on. We were all destroyed by the end on the ride, but we survived. Burned through 4700 calories. Very strong today, finally turning it back around.

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