Monday, October 1, 2007

2007 Six Gap Century

Cold start - 50 degrees out, shivering as I rolled over to check in. Timing chips were stuck in customs so we all got runners numbers. Figured I would over do it rather than freeze for a half a day - arm warmers, jacket and fingered gloves. Nice and toasty. Jacket came off at the top of Unico. Last big ride of the season but not a goal event for me so more of a training ride especially since I'm at the low end of my fitness now. Wanted to keep the hr under 170 which is 5 beats above my base training max. Didn't quite pull that off but was reserved. I rode with Reger all day which was nice to have someone to suffer with for hours on end. Thanks Joe! Found a few groups to pull us along over to Neals. Had a mini explosion on top of Hogpen so we relaxed for a little while at the top. Perfect weather. Broke 50 on the way down. Had some cramping and knee issues which is to be expected with all the steep climbs. 6 Hours 41 minutes of ride time but we were out there for about 8 hours, 14.5 avg mph, 156 avg hr, 9470 calories burned, 10288 feet of climbing (according to my Garmin). Went to Moe's after. Good cap off to the season.

6 gaps 2007


  1. Thanks! I've been combing the web this morning for news of how it went, and getting frustrated as I saw no news, of course, in any newspaper sites (I worked as a newspaper reporter for about 10 years and noted that the people in the sports department were often the people least likely to engage in any physical activity other than watching ESPN). We have some Tallahassee riders who go up for that, although it's hard to find comparable training hills here. Your base heart rate makes it sound like you're 55, eh? I'll be 55 next year and I'm thinking about doing Six Gap. I'm sure I'd have to start early and not slack off in the summer.
    Again, thanks for the news!

  2. You have to do that ride at some point, no matter what your age. I'm guessing there were 2000+ riders for the 100 mile option. But you do need to be in good riding shape. It's brutal no matter what your conditioning. I'm actually 35. In the winter I keep my base training under 165 but I have a max hr of around 200.