Saturday, October 13, 2007

2007 Serrano Century

Cold start, 47 degrees. Warmed up after the sun came up over the trees about 1 hour into the ride. Started with Bob, Sue, Danielle, Hunter and Dave. Steady pace up to the 40 mile mark. Hunter earned his Sufferfest invitation (good riding). From there, Bob, Sue, Danielle and I continued up to the turn at 50 miles. Danielle took the 60 mile option. Good strong ride for Danielle. The 3 of us missed a turn somewhere and added 5 to 8 miles onto the route. We weren't the only ones. A dozen or so other riders were sitting at intersections looking at maps. Somewhere between 65 and 70 miles some yahoo who had been sitting in came flying by and then sat-up right in front of Bob... Bob changed into serious mode and ran him down. As the two of them dueled I followed close behind until the yahoo exploded and while Bob and I rode away... fun. Bob and Sue continued with the 100 mile loop and I went on alone to finish the ride. I started the season with a century ride with Bob and Sue (Wheels of fire) and ended it with them as well. Great ride, just the right pace. Thanks to everyone for letting me tag along.

88 Miles, 4 hours 51 minutes, 18.2 avg mph, 147 avg hr, 5736 calories burned

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  1. Hi Marc,

    It was my first time doing this ride and what a great ride it was - great weather (once it warmed up) great roads, and a bunch of great people with which to share the experience.

    I look forward to riding with you anytime in the future. :-)

    Take care,