Friday, September 28, 2007

Flash Timeline Launch for Faith Hill - Echo Music brought our partner Charles James in to develop an overall look and feel as well as design a timeline for the new Faith Hill website. I was asked to do the flash programming, interactivity and animation while Echo Music developed the rest of the site. Everything is xml based for easy updates. The site kicks off 15 years in the music industry and a new album.


  1. Thanks - only a 2 week development timeline and lots of effort to make sure it would integrate into a content management system that spits out xml for updates. It kind of limited what we could build in such a short time frame. Unfortunately, our menu system was vetoed and replaced with the existing one. (I don't think it works very well). As a whole, I think it turned out well. I wish we had the time to add more of the details, finesse the transitions and build a more dynamic intro.