Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chili cook-off at Stone Mountain

Wow... not what we expected. Beer / redneck fest, which could be fun but we actually went to eat chili. Unfortunately, only about 3 of the 150+ participants had editable food. Everyone was served shot glass size plastic cups of chili. You voted for you favorite by putting your entry ticket into an empty miller light case box. Tastes ranged from school cafeteria spaghetti sauce to oh my god I'm going to puke. Leslie's comment to one booth was "tastes like beer" and not much else. They expected 15,000 people over the weekend so the impact on mass production and cost of quality ingredients has a huge impact on the chili quality BUT I would rather eat chili from Wendy's before any of these again.

1 comment:

  1. You obviously didn't come by to see the Killer Bee's Chili !!! The chili was made with organic beef and fresh herbs - we placed 10th for chili and we also had some kick butt corn cakes - we won 1st place. Next year you need to walk the entire festival, come see us at Killer Bee's and we'll hook you up.