Sunday, August 12, 2007

MTB Ride

Perfect weather out this morning. Slept a little lake and was riding alone today so I opted for exploring the local trails a little more over a 45 min. drive up to Chicopee Woods. A short 4 mile ride over to the trails. 30 yards in I bounced off a root into a tree. The tree had a torn vine wrapped around it. I impaled one of my fingers into a torn crushed by the bars and forward momentum. After my shoulder took the rest of the blow I slid around the tree over the bike on-to the ground pulling my arm around the tree and tearing the impaled finger as well. The 1/2 inch gash left both hands bloodied and me wondering what happened. A full camelback cleaned the blood off the hands, bike, shoes and the wound to see fat and muscle tissue sticking out. Nice. This is also the one time I decided to wear my sleeveless jersey so the bark and vines could make direct contact with the skin.

As I'm riding back to the house holding my hand trying to figure out what happened... I've been riding my mountain bikes for 15 years. I don't do things like that. What is wrong with me? I realize I had locked both shocks on the bike and forgotten to switch them on, thus bouncing off the roots which was unexpected.

What a tard. The new bike has lock-outs which I didn't have before and riding on the road over to the trails doesn't make sense to leave them on sense it's just wasting pedaling effort. Finally a cool day out and I destroy myself right at the start.

My father-in-law (the doctor) has suggested letting the injury bleed for a while to let it heal from the inside out and make sure no problems arise. Evidently thorns, either by the bush or other things coming into contact with them, could cause problems if I stitch it up. Just what I wanted the week before the Fools Gold event.

Here is a picture of it 2 days later.

finger 2 days later

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