Friday, August 17, 2007

Going to Fools Gold

Matthew and I are headed up to dahlonega after lunch today to the manditory check-in for the Fools Gold Race. Temperature is supposed to be 100 today, 97 tomorrow. I've opted to ride the 50 miles tomorrow because of the heat, my finger is still half cut off (also my front break finger), I get to ride with Matt (since there are 2 different starting times) and I've never riden more than 30 miles in the dirt at one time. I'll do this, then a 6 or 12 hour race and THEN a 100 miler. So far about 90 people are registered (20 or so for the 100 miles). The loop is 51.38 miles with 8313 feet of climbing. Should be a fun event.


  1. Good luck guys! I see you're playing it smart with the heat... good plan... it's gonna be brutal out there.