Saturday, August 11, 2007

46.5 Miles w/ Tucker Ride

2 Hours 10 min. total. Late to the start, the group was turning off of main street when I got to the high school. Hammered from the house to catch them just past Ace Hardware. Try and catch my breath for a few minutes before the hills start. 22.1 mph avg speed for the group ride. Lots of accellerations and strung out pace lines throughout the end of the ride. The peleton kept spliting. Work, but fun. Got the hr up to 199 closing a gap before the final sprint. I don't think I've gone over 197 except for racing. I'm starting to feel strong again. Not 100% but on an upward trend. Lots of people out there that I didn't expect since the Dahlonega race is this weekend.

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