Friday, August 31, 2007

Lunch w/ Aaron

Haven't seen him in a while, or his family. Good to catch up. Went to Chipotle in midtown since Les hates it and won't eat there.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spin Class at LA Fitness

Raining Thursday... went to Sudi's spin class. Nice to catch up with her.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

30 Min. Gym + 35.5 Mile Ride w/Northlake

Time to end my slacker "recovery" period. Upper body and core at the gym. Rode the Northlake ride today. Dana joined me over to the start. It's getting darker sooner so one short inside loop and one longer loop, both counter clockwise when we get to the park. Held on until the last climb up to back gate. 21.8 mph avg speed for the group ride. That's about on par for this ride.

Monday, August 27, 2007

5 Mile Jog around Stone Mountain

Changed the pace up this weekend. Les and I took a stroll around the mountain on sunday with an easy jog each taking turns pushing Aidan. Aidan got to terrorize his mother at the park afterward by performing his... watch what I can do tricks.

Food and more Food

Met up with Dana, Chris, CJ, Julie, Heather, Ava and Joe (Leslie and Aidan were there too) for some food at Los Hermanos on Friday. Then the fam headed over to Reger's for some snaks and a video on Sunday with Dana, Heather and Lisa. Always good company and conversation.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

30 Mile Ride

From the house to Stone Mountain and back with Dana. Both of us are way burned out from the season. Needed a recovery ride. The park was deserted.. didn't see a single person for half a lap. Very twilight zone. We both road a half a lap with no hands... harder than is sounds going up hill. Put a smile on my face though. Need some more fun rides at the end of the season, been way to goal oriented. Got a few drops of rain on the way home.

The House has been Painted

Finally, the outside of the house was scubbed, pealed, sealed, patched and painted. Next project down. 2 projects left. The deck and the never ending yard.

Aidan says Mommy!

So... well for 2 years now, everyone around Aidan has been saying wheres mommy or mom. Aidan will point to her but won't say it. You all know this is KILLING Leslie. His vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds every day but still on mommy. Da Da, no problem for maybe a year. Even full sentences like, "Wow, what is that?" BUT, this morning after brushing his teeth, he wanted to be picked up and said mommy!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fools Gold

The 50 mile mountain bike race didn't go as planned. More lessons learned, more questions uncovered.

Up at 4:00 am, Matthew and I got to the start in Dahlonega at 6:00, start time at 7:00 with about 90 people. Started stronger and harder than I should have. The first section is a 12 mile climb on fire road, we let 2/3 of the group go ahead up the climb and didn't chase anyone down or pick up the pace. I thought we were being reserved and was proud of myself for restraining... but, the heart rate was much higher than it should have been for this kind of event (mid 170's should have been mid 150's). I was over excited and overconfident since I had ridden 30 miles of this course about 3 weeks earlier at just under this pace. Plus, I could go harder since I was doing the shorter distance right? I was eating cliff blocks mostly and a gel shot. This was because they were easy to get to and eat while climbing.

Quickly through the first sag at 10 miles to a 2 mile downhill. Matthew took off, I went at my own pace, no need to save a few seconds for a dumb mistake and I had to change my breaking because of my finger. Back together through the rolling single track sections but went way to hard. Not sure why we picked up the pace so much. Maybe because we had caught up with a few racers here and it was the first single track section or we were used to the downhill speed and a normal pace felt slow. We got the 2nd sag at 17 miles about 2 hours into the ride around 9:00 am. Once we stopped I realized... I was blown... rTard. Why can't I stick to a game plan? It was still early for me to be so tired though even at that rate. My only thought is that I still hadn't recovered from hurting myself at the Covington ride and that I typically don't do well when going straight into a hard effort without a warm-up. To add to my problems, the lesson not learned from my last event, Cliff Blocks destroy my stomach. It just turned on me. Hard to get real food down but did my best at this stop (knowing I wasn't getting enough calories).

Time to move on, only 1/2 mile up the trail I was weak, tired, pissed off, my hr was peaking no matter what I did and let Matt go ahead along with a few other riders we were with. I stopped for a few minutes to get my heart rate down and reset myself mentally. I turtle crawled for a while but got the pace back up and made it through the 11 mile loop slower than I wanted. I layed the bike down in this section just before a creek crossing. I was too busy looking up the trail and hit some loose dirt, the one and only time it happend. I didn't eat anything during this part of the ride, just lots of water and performance drink. Back at sag 3 (at the same location as 2) now at 27 miles. Matthew was there; he had changed a flat tire and was sensibly refueling. He took off and I made a best effort to get more liquid and food (unsuccessful on the food part). Riders were coming through and leaving as I choked down parts of a powerbar, crackers and some fruit. I had finished my mixed drink and they had some Rapid Refuel stuff, grabbed a bottle and left - gross, tasted terrible. It fell of the bike somewhere on the ride anyway.

The next sag was 18 miles away through mostly single track, no long climbs but lots of up and down. I put on the headphones. I felt good for the next 8 miles passing a few riders and getting into a nice rhythm. At around 35 miles, my body shut down. Not unexpected but I was holding on as long as I could to finish the ride. On a road ride, you can coast, draft off of people coming by and still make some forward progress. Not the case on a mountain bike ride. Every inch is earned. I stopped in the middle of a climb and sat down (now for the second time). I realized I was kind of done for the day... way back in the woods in the middle of now where. I tried to rest and regroup while 3 riders came by (all looking rather ragged but working on forward progress). I picked myself up and continued on until around mile 40. I had gotten to another stream crossing, cold water coming down from the mountains. I stopped and literally sad down in the stream. My socks were already wet, I was drenched in sweat and it didn't really matter about my time anymore. It dropped my core body temperate down and gave me a little wake up. Again, a few riders passed by, probably thinking I've lost it. I felt much better and was ready to move on. I needed fuel so one gel... and it came right back up. Not a good sign. Water still goes down, let's move on. Slowly. Great, now I'm out of water.

Arrived at sag 4, 42 miles in at somewhere around 2:00 pm. Mentally checked out. I got more water and a few grapes (about the only thing I could eat). Only 8 miles to the end but lots of climbing. That translates to 1.5 hours of good climbing effort to the end. I didn't have it. I had pushed myself for 5 hours AFTER my body said, you've had enough. I knew there was a shortcut to the end only 2.5 miles up the road.

I cut the ride short and crossed the finish line at 45 miles. Needless to say, my body disintegrated over the rest of the day. Matthew finished the ride a little while later. Great ride for him and on his 32nd birthday! Said it was the hardest thing he had ever done to date.

Ride time 5 Hours 23 minutes - event time 7 Hours 40 minutes, avg hr 159 (rTarded), 6400 feet of climbing, 7240 calories burned, avg speed 8 mph. 12 pounds lost. Looking at the stats, I'm surprised I was able to keep that speed for the event.

I think in the long run I'll learn a lot from this event. I need to work on my fueling plans, finding and sticking to a target hr for longer events based on training, since about mid summer my training hasn't been to my benefit for events but more enjoyment on the group rides. I need to find a balance between what will make me stronger and what will damage my efforts. I also need to learn the art of recovery.

Sorry, not much of a race report and I still have mixed emotions of the event. I wasn't sure what to write but this is what came out.

Friday, August 17, 2007

46 resources & tools to improve your web typography

Typography is always a battle in website development. Good collection of links. I'm putting it here as a reference to go back to.

How to quickly rename a bunch of files

Nice little tool
for PC -
for MAC -

Going to Fools Gold

Matthew and I are headed up to dahlonega after lunch today to the manditory check-in for the Fools Gold Race. Temperature is supposed to be 100 today, 97 tomorrow. I've opted to ride the 50 miles tomorrow because of the heat, my finger is still half cut off (also my front break finger), I get to ride with Matt (since there are 2 different starting times) and I've never riden more than 30 miles in the dirt at one time. I'll do this, then a 6 or 12 hour race and THEN a 100 miler. So far about 90 people are registered (20 or so for the 100 miles). The loop is 51.38 miles with 8313 feet of climbing. Should be a fun event.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adobe Creative Suite 3...

In the process of upgrading all our software to CS3 and Coldfusion 8 (since the hosting servers are in the process of being upgraded). Operating systems and office software is next. Now the joys of relearning all the software we already know. (and Flex 3 is in beta). I guess this means my certifications are now out dated. So far the photoshop non-disintegrating filters are fantastic AND... you can import edit and manipulate video content inside of Photoshop... awesome. (After Effects users cringe).

If you haven't seen this. It's a nice little flex app with free tutorials on all of the Adobe products -

Alternative User Interfaces

Some very interesting and creative UI and technologies coming around... (pulled from an AFFUG email discussion).

Bumptop desktop -
Jeff Han: Unveiling the genius of multi-touch interface design -
Microsoft Surface -
Here is a good overview of the last 2 -
Of course Apple got the jump on them with the iPhone

20 Min. Weights (core and upper body) + 1 Hour Spin

Saving the legs for Saturday. I've decided to change my  mountain bike event on Saturday to 50 miles. I'm targeting 5 hours to finish. Not really sure what is realistic since I haven't ridden more than 30 miles in the dirt at once before and the course is still a little unknown.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Adobe onAir Tour in Atlanta

The BUS was here today at the FOX Theater. Got some SWAG, good overview of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) beta product as well as some great examples of work. Lots of food, good speakers (bad PA system). If you don't know about it, basically, it's a way for website developers to develop applications to run on the desktop (PC, MAC and Linux) -

Monday, August 13, 2007

Frequency 650 Website Update

Updated the portfolio with all the projects we've been posting to the blog. 6 Months worth. It's always an internal battle on how to categorize the sections. Organized by flash or no flash, database or no database, by year, by technology, best projects first or by client name recognition, projects done only in-house or with other companies... does anybody really care?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Family Visit

Grandma Spievack and Amie (Leslie's sister) flew in yesterday to visit Aidan (and us too I guess). We all made it to Kagan's birthday party yesterday. It was an Ugly Party. -  Dozens of screaming kids and screaming parents. Grilled burgers and hot dogs. Aidan loved it.

MTB Ride

Perfect weather out this morning. Slept a little lake and was riding alone today so I opted for exploring the local trails a little more over a 45 min. drive up to Chicopee Woods. A short 4 mile ride over to the trails. 30 yards in I bounced off a root into a tree. The tree had a torn vine wrapped around it. I impaled one of my fingers into a torn crushed by the bars and forward momentum. After my shoulder took the rest of the blow I slid around the tree over the bike on-to the ground pulling my arm around the tree and tearing the impaled finger as well. The 1/2 inch gash left both hands bloodied and me wondering what happened. A full camelback cleaned the blood off the hands, bike, shoes and the wound to see fat and muscle tissue sticking out. Nice. This is also the one time I decided to wear my sleeveless jersey so the bark and vines could make direct contact with the skin.

As I'm riding back to the house holding my hand trying to figure out what happened... I've been riding my mountain bikes for 15 years. I don't do things like that. What is wrong with me? I realize I had locked both shocks on the bike and forgotten to switch them on, thus bouncing off the roots which was unexpected.

What a tard. The new bike has lock-outs which I didn't have before and riding on the road over to the trails doesn't make sense to leave them on sense it's just wasting pedaling effort. Finally a cool day out and I destroy myself right at the start.

My father-in-law (the doctor) has suggested letting the injury bleed for a while to let it heal from the inside out and make sure no problems arise. Evidently thorns, either by the bush or other things coming into contact with them, could cause problems if I stitch it up. Just what I wanted the week before the Fools Gold event.

Here is a picture of it 2 days later.

finger 2 days later

Saturday, August 11, 2007

46.5 Miles w/ Tucker Ride

2 Hours 10 min. total. Late to the start, the group was turning off of main street when I got to the high school. Hammered from the house to catch them just past Ace Hardware. Try and catch my breath for a few minutes before the hills start. 22.1 mph avg speed for the group ride. Lots of accellerations and strung out pace lines throughout the end of the ride. The peleton kept spliting. Work, but fun. Got the hr up to 199 closing a gap before the final sprint. I don't think I've gone over 197 except for racing. I'm starting to feel strong again. Not 100% but on an upward trend. Lots of people out there that I didn't expect since the Dahlonega race is this weekend.

Lots of news on the Pro Cycling front

Discovery is gone, we knew that. But no one is picking them up. Hincapi is already signed to T-Mobile and Johan Bruyneel is retiring -

Gerolsteiner may not renew it's contract either (half way down the page) - Petacchi is still in trouble for using his asthma meds (or was he doping? -

And if you haven't heard... Andrey Kashechkin (Astana) tested positive for an out-of-competition drug test and Iban Mayo tested positive in the Tour.

The PROS are working hard at not ever wanting a company to sponsor them.

Friday, August 10, 2007

14.5 Mile MTB Evening Ride

Took the BMC out last night from 7:30 pm to 9:00 for an evening ride from the house. Found the Tucker "secret trails". 2 loops around a 3 mile course ending in the dark (I brought lights). No goals for the ride, no hrm, just enjoyed the ride. Lots of fun.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lance vs Landis: The Leadville 100 showdown

This 100 mile mountain bike race in Leadville, CO is August 11, this Saturday. Landis has been training is a former mtb pro prior to his roadie career. Lance was going to race, then no, then yes, now no. I'm betting he shows up. I'm thinking the Leadville veterans will kick both there butts.

Here is a little more info on it -

UPDATE - Landis finished 2nd -

34 Miles w/ Pizza Ride

Rode with Dana to the start from the house. Very hot out today. Had fun racing with the front crew starting about half way to the mountain. Ended up in the front pulling the group up the hills on the first loop... blew up.. oh well. Back to the house for some pizza.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

sIFR - Rich Accessible Typography for the Masses? - a method to insert rich typography into web pages without sacrificing accessibility, search engine friendliness, or markup semantics. The ability to replace short sections of plain text by displaying in the font YOU select, using a combination of Javascript, CSS, and Flash. The technique is called sIFR (scalable Inman Flash Replacement).

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just Finished - CD for Porex

Developed in Flash and XML - Porex materials are used in a wide variety of filtration, venting, wicking, diffusion and media support applications. 2,500 discs for the inital distribution. This project was developed for and designed by Houston&. You can see our development version here -

Porex CD

30 Min. Weights + 20 Min. Recovery Spin

Still recovering from the Sunday event.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Covington Century - Holy Hell

That sucked... The goal was to stay with the A group at 25 mph and finished the century in under 4 hours. I did this ride last year for the 50 mile loop which breaks off at the 40 mile mark but got dropped at 33 miles.

This year I had 5 large water bottles, 3 packs of Cliff blocks and 6 gels. I was ready. Started at 8:00 am about 1/3 of the way back in a pack of around 100 people. Large groups of people were passing on the left side of the road and I ended up about 2/3 of the way back very shortly. I never really got comfortable and my heart rate was over 180 bpm 5 minutes into the ride. Oh, did I mention it was hot. I hadn't counted on the extra water bottles adding weight to the rolling hills, the legs were feeling it. Probably should have brought only 2 smaller ones or a camelback.

I stuck to the food plan and ate every 20 minutes for the first hour and finished off 1 bottle (now ditched at the 25 mile sag stop). We were a few minutes ahead of schedule for the first hour. Tri Mark (don't know his last name) demonstrated how to relieve himself while riding on the opposite side of the road for the entire peleton to witness (only 1 mile before the turn around sag stop where everyone stops for a nature break anyway) - clearly marking this ride as his! I saw and talked to 7 or 8 people I know from the group rides around town.

The second hour had more climbs and the pace was high on the climbs which made sure people were consistently falling off the back (this is where I dropped last year). Now I'm hanging around the back of the group (because people are disappearing off the back) and the sun is starting to come out. Between starting to over heat and sour stomach from the blocks and gels my food intake slowed, along with the water. This was not good because I was working even harder. I saw the turn off of the 80 mile loop and then another sag stop (4 or 5).

Then it happened, at 48 miles... the engine shut down... and the group was gone. Crap. I'm now 2 hours in, stuck on the 100 mile loop and no one around. Not only did I have to slow down but everything shut down. It became hard to ride at 15 mph. I was done. The sun was all the way up now creeping into the 90's with no shade anywhere. The road was deserted other than an occasional triathlete blowing by every 1/2 hour or so. All I wanted to do was be done. I drug myself to the sag at mile 75 and camped for a little while in the only shade I had seen in hours. Bob and Sue pulled up on the tandem, smiling and looking fresh... while I looked and felt like road kill.

The ride to the sag at mile 91 was pathetic. Slow. Painful. The blacktop felt like it was literally cooking me. I stopped to look at the map a couple of times to find short cut but nothing looked like it would make much difference. I almost stopped at a gas station for AC and food... then realized I had no money on me, doh! Did I mention it was hot! I kept looking for shaded any areas near the side of the road to pull over and just lay down for a few minutes... nothing anywhere. Who picked this route and set an early August date to do it. RTarded. Bob and Sue came by again and told me to jump on. This was great... back up to 23+ miles an hour, hr up over 180 bpm again and I'm for sure ready to die. Thanks for the help but I'll see you later. 8 miles down the road I roll into the sag at mile 91. I'm over heated and feeling sick. Found a nice big chunk of ice to cool me off in the shade for a few minutes. I'm now thinking if I try to get the last 9 or 10 miles back, I'm going to be sick for sure. I want real food and if I push it I won't be able to eat until way late tonight. Oooo, is that a car picking someone up. Had to muster the energy to get up and walk 20 feet to beg for a ride back to the start. Hell yea, a bribe of $20 gets a ride to the start. (at least for conversation, they didn't really want the money) My health started to degrade as I wait for them to re-arrange the bikes to get mine on. (A husband who rode the 50 was picking up his wife and a friend who were also over heated). We made it about 2 miles down the road when I had to ask them to pull over so I could puke. Nice. Second time in a month. They were very nice about it and I felt 100% better.

Back to the car, alive. Bob and Sue parked 4 cars over from me? Huh. They were relaxing and gave me a Mr. Pibb. Nice. What a harsh day... not fun. All I was thinking about out there in the heat, alone was I could be playing with Aidan in the pool today. 24.4 mph avg speed till I was dropped - 19.1 for the day (sad), 3566 ft of climbing (though it felt like a LOT more), 161 avg hr. This is the first goal I've set for this season that I haven't been able to reach so it gives me something to shoot for next year. I'm disappointed but only slightly.


Friday, August 3, 2007

New Clients / Client Updates

Frequency 650 just secured new projects for Dostart Development (a developer in Silicon Valley), Rosewood Resort in Telluride (with Blue Marble Media and Voyager), RJT plus R (Architecture firm), Ivy Group (forensics for buildings), CSi (concrete construction) and Kimberly Darlington (Property Managment) as well as site updates for Palmasola and Roth Distributing.

We just finished 2 flash files for Bearington Bears (for Blue Marble Media), a flash header for White Electronics Design (for Houston&), site updates for Equity Investment Corp., Punta Mita, Strategy First Partners and Lumen Source.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

30 Min Weights + 1 Hours Spin Bike

Upper body and core, no legs. High cadence easy spin. Now I'll rest until Sunday.