Friday, July 13, 2007

New BMC Mountain Bike!

Bad Ass! Oh ya. Just picked it up today from Bicycle Link. First ride out at Blankets tomorrow morning at 9 am, any takers? 28.7 pounds (was hoping for closer to 26 but that's OK) BMC 2007 fourstroke 3 frame, all XT components, Rock Shox Reba Race fork. Yes, I know the peddles don't match (using my old ones as well as my old wheels and seat). I'm now ready for the Fools Gold 100 on August 18th. Of course Aidan wanted to ride it.

mtb1.jpg mtb2.jpg mtb3.jpg mtb4.jpg mtb5.jpg mtb6.jpg


  1. Sweet ride dude! Good thing it's got lots of suspension... I've gotta assume that you're still sore from last weekend's 150+ mile outage. Blankets tomorrow? Sorry... I only ride at Carpets.

  2. Awesome!! That's a great pic of you and Aidan.

  3. After your 100 mile run you're coming out for some dirt riding!

    Funny thing, I wasn't really sore or that tired the day after the ride. My digestive system was the only thing that took a real beating that day but was fine by morning. It did take the entire week to gain the weight back though.