Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cartersville Century 2007

97.58 Miles, 5 Hours 3 Minutes, 19.2 avg mph, 148 avg hr, 6780 calories burned, 4576 feet of climbing which seems like a lot less than it felt like.

Lots of people there but our group consisted of Reger, Dana, Lisa, Keith and few tag-alongs that jumped on as we came by them. Matthew and Dayna were a few minutes behind us. Spotted Hunter, Danielle, Michelle and a few of the group ride regulars at the start or during the ride. We started with the major group and leapfrogged around people until there weren't any left (about 45 minutes of riding time). 3 stops but the sags had fruit, sandwiches and drinks really needed for this mileage and heat. Dana and I pulled for the day leaving Lisa and Reger in base mode. Dana and I jumped away from the group for the last 20 miles to chase down someone who had been sitting in the back of our little pack for the previous 60 miles. It was strange because from this point on the roads flattened out, no more rolling hills so you could set a pace and hold it.

Everybody rode well, good company and fun ride overall. Props to my break away buddy Dana for helping to set the pace for the day and always riding strong. Very different than the speedy group rides as of late. I think this was a good pace for 100 miles without group help and on rolling terrain. Got my sites set on a 130 to 150 mile ride next weekend, trying to stay with the front group on the Covington Century ride and the Fools Gold 100 mile mountain bike race in August.

Dana's recap on the day -

Joe's recap on the day (lots of detail) -

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