Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blankets MTB Ride

First ride with the new BMC. Mostly good. Didn't have too much time to ride, 20 miles. Matthew, Remling, Dayna and Craig joined me for some dirt action. Craig took us on a tour of some of the new trails. Climbing, steep technical climbing. uh. The bike handles really well but I need to spend some time dialing it in. Too much air in the shocks, beat me up quite a bit, cables are already stretched, ghost shifting all over the place after 8 miles, seat is sliding down. Nothing major just newness / break in. I'm hoping to get 2 more rides in before the "Big Event". Planning on a road race and the Covington century between now and then.

Leslie is in Chattanooga for the tri tomorrow. She's doing it relay style with 2 others. Bike leg and maybe the run if Lauren is not feeling well. Guys night, just Aidan and I.

My favorite TV time of the year. The first week of the TDF has been great. TIVO rules. Usually slow during the flat stages but exciting at the finish. All of the sprinters stepped up and Cancellara was a great first week leader. Tomorrow should be very exciting.

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