Sunday, July 29, 2007

30 Mile MTB Ride

Jake Mountain, Montgomery Creek, Cooper Gap, Hightower Gap, Puncheon Gap, Frying Pan Gap, Deerlick Gap (who names these things), Winding Stair Gap, Turner Creek, Jones Creek. Back up to Dahlonega again today, alone, to ride some of the rest of the Fools Gold 100 course. Mostly fire roads with lots of climbing. 4633 feet of it today. 9 mph avg. 3 Hours 20 min. of riding but 4+ hours with getting lost and looking at maps. Muddy start in the singe track but better on the fire roads. Great weather. Went through the US Army base up there too. (not exactly secure). These trails are shared by horses... I'm getting a little tired of riding around poop and smelling it all day. The ride is now 3 weeks away. This is going to be a TOUGH ride. The trails are brutal the entire way. I'm worried about the cut off time. Even if I'm feeling strong, I have to get to 94 miles before 7:45 pm. That's 13 Hours 10 minutes after I start. It's going to be really close. Covington next weekend... 4 hour century... we'll see.

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