Sunday, July 22, 2007

20 Miles @ Jake / Turner / Jones / Bull MTN MTB ride

Needed to get some miles on the Fools Gold 100 course in the Dahlonega area. It's 2, 50 mile loops so Matthew (who signed up for the 50) and I went up to ride some of the course on the newer trails. The beginning is mostly fire roads and I've been on Bull MTN several times so we skipped those parts but covered most of the rest of the ride. Several sections were un-ridable but there were also some very fun new single track areas. We kept and easy pace for most of the ride to figure out about how fast and long the ride would take. I think a realistic pace is about 8 mph on most of this course which means 12.5 hours of riding plus stops. Today - 2 Hours 28 min, 2805 calories burned, 138 avg hr, 3000 ft of climbing which means 7000+ for each loop of the course. Lots of map checks, a little lost, many horses, few riders.

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