Sunday, July 8, 2007

156 Mile Mega Bike Ride

As part of my base training plan for a mountain bike race I have coming up next month, I decided to put a very long ride in to see what happens after 8+ hours of riding.

The Plan: Start at Forence Road (mile marker 11.2) on Silver Comet, ride 22 miles to Coot's Lake, where I met Matthew, 55 mile Coopermine loop, 56 mile Taylorsville loop, 22 miles back to the car.

Perfect weather, drizzly rain at the start down to the lake but was just a little wet with overcast most of the day. Matt and I rode side by side the entire day, not drafting, not once for the entire ride. I wasn't going to get any help on the MTB ride anyway. Matt rode strong, not budging one inch the entire 111 miles he rode with me. The 2 loops are tough hill rides (I could have picked much easier places to get a century ride in). We stopped twice for food (hot dog and chips and apple, banana and chips) and another 2 times for drinks. We managed a 16.8 mph pace for the first loop (silver comet and coopermine loop). 17.1 mph for the Taylorsville loop. Actually faster for the 2nd loop which took me to 133 miles. Everything after 110 miles felt weak, still outputting power I just felt weak. I should have stopped here at Matts car and called it a good day. At this point I was tired and weak but wanted to finish what I started. Matthew packed up and I went to the store to get more water (couldn't get any more food down at this point). I had 7 hours and 51 minutes of riding time at this point. I was thinking it would be about 9 hours of riding time so we were on pace for the day. Side note: my calves were contracting while sitting down at the last 2 rest stops on their own.

After a slow 10 minutes of riding up the comet I managed to pick the pace back up for about 25 minutes. At some point in time on this part of the ride, my Garmin (bike computer) died. It had been on for 10 hours or so including stops. I had mile markers on the trail so I knew how far I had to go but no idea of speed or overall stats. I got to mile 147 and started to feel nauseous and dizzy so I stopped at one of the benches. It seems that was my breaking point. After a few minutes of throwing up I felt better, only 9 miles left. The hardest and longest of my life. Once I got to the car it was all I could do to get my jersey unpacked and race to the grass to continue my heaving fest. Worst this time. How could I have anything left? I recovered and made it to Wendy's where I was only able to eat a few fries, a couple sips of coke and 1 bit of chicken. A small frosty gave me enough energy to get home in time to put Aidan to bed. Job done, I'm rTarded.

9.5 hours, 10,000+ calories burned, 6000+ feet of climbing, 142 avg hr - even after getting home and getting my appetite back, I had lost 8 pounds

156 Mile Ride Chart


  1. Awesome accomplishment, Marc!

  2. A heart rate of almost 180bpm early in a 156 mile bike ride. Good call. I'm never riding with you again. Nice puking... wish I coulda been there with a camera. Great ride man!