Tuesday, July 31, 2007

30 Miles with the Northlake Ride

Very fast, as usual. 1 loop with the front group as planned. Want to save the legs for this weekend.

Just Launched - El Milagro

http://www.elmilagrobaja.com - Another site for the ICON Group, developed as part of the Three Amigos. A real estate development in Baja, Mexico.

El Milagro

Monday, July 30, 2007

30 Min Weights + 30 Min Recovery Ride

Easy weights and a recovery spin at the gym this morning. Tucker ride tomorrow, weights and ride on Wednesday then 3 days off before the covington ride.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tour de France is Over...

I'm happy... and sad. Discovery took everyone to the cleaners. I have to go back to work now... and give the TV back to Leslie.

30 Mile MTB Ride

Jake Mountain, Montgomery Creek, Cooper Gap, Hightower Gap, Puncheon Gap, Frying Pan Gap, Deerlick Gap (who names these things), Winding Stair Gap, Turner Creek, Jones Creek. Back up to Dahlonega again today, alone, to ride some of the rest of the Fools Gold 100 course. Mostly fire roads with lots of climbing. 4633 feet of it today. 9 mph avg. 3 Hours 20 min. of riding but 4+ hours with getting lost and looking at maps. Muddy start in the singe track but better on the fire roads. Great weather. Went through the US Army base up there too. (not exactly secure). These trails are shared by horses... I'm getting a little tired of riding around poop and smelling it all day. The ride is now 3 weeks away. This is going to be a TOUGH ride. The trails are brutal the entire way. I'm worried about the cut off time. Even if I'm feeling strong, I have to get to 94 miles before 7:45 pm. That's 13 Hours 10 minutes after I start. It's going to be really close. Covington next weekend... 4 hour century... we'll see.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

35 Mile Ride with Pizza Ride

Rode from the house to the start of the Pizza ride with Dana. Unfortunatly, there was a crash on the first loop and Connie went down along with half a dozen crunched riders. I got by with only a crushed hand. Everyone seemed to be OK. A fire truck showed up. The group ride was over... back to the house.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rasmussen Wins Stage 16 and then Rabobank pulls him from the Tour and fires him?

For probable doping in the off season and lying about his whereabouts? What the hell.

Moreni tested positive and the Cofidis team has dropped out of the tour. Ironic since that is a French team (Moreni is Italian though) and they protested at the start of Stage 15 against dopers.

Denis Menchov just dropped out of the Tour at the feed area of stage 17 today. He was to be the CG leader for Rabobank before Rasmussen's performance. He's been helping him for the last 2 weeks. Sad.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

40 Miles with the Northlake Ride

Left a little early for the ride today and did the full ride so I got some extra miles in. Felt good and strong but got dropped on the back side of the second loop. Took it into the red zone and couldn't recover in-time to catch back on. Didn't feel so bad when 2 other Cat 3 riders got dropped as well. 21 mph avg speed for the group ride (24 miles). I kind of expected this since I've been doing longer, less intense workouts lately. Starting to ramp the speed back up again but I'm a little concerned with the Covington Century only a week and a half away.

The Almost

Since Dana was nice enough to share some "interval music", thought I would share as well. So here's one from "The Almost" - Say This Sooner. This is the drummer and one of the singers for Underoath (Aaron Gillespie), although this time he recorded everything himself. Caution, some of the other songs contain “religious” references… I warned you.

[youtube -feOdmmdFw8 nolink]

Dammit Vino!

My pick to win the TDF (prior to the start) Alexandre Vinokourov tested positive for a banned blood transfusion and is leaving the Tour along with the rest of the team.


45 Min Weights

This typically means (as it did today) that I did legs, upper body and core work. It's strange how my focus has changed over the years. I used to spend 1 hour working on only 2 muscle groups with lots of excercises and pyramiding sets with a goal to gain muscle mass. Now, I cram in an entire body work out into 45 minutes to 1: gain strength in my legs, 2:NOT look like a toothpick cyclist and 3:Overall fitness will help me keep proper form on the bike and keep from getting hurt.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

20 Miles @ Jake / Turner / Jones / Bull MTN MTB ride

Needed to get some miles on the Fools Gold 100 course in the Dahlonega area. It's 2, 50 mile loops so Matthew (who signed up for the 50) and I went up to ride some of the course on the newer trails. The beginning is mostly fire roads and I've been on Bull MTN several times so we skipped those parts but covered most of the rest of the ride. Several sections were un-ridable but there were also some very fun new single track areas. We kept and easy pace for most of the ride to figure out about how fast and long the ride would take. I think a realistic pace is about 8 mph on most of this course which means 12.5 hours of riding plus stops. Today - 2 Hours 28 min, 2805 calories burned, 138 avg hr, 3000 ft of climbing which means 7000+ for each loop of the course. Lots of map checks, a little lost, many horses, few riders.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

45 Min Weights + 50 Min Spin

At the gym this morning. Forgot how boring it was to sit on the spin bike alone.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Aidan!

My son is 2 years old today. When asked to comment on the subject for the website he said, "cracker?" hummm.... Finished the day off with a cup cake. Big party on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Northlake Ride - 29.5 Miles

Tough... started well, strong up the Midvale road / climb, up in the front for the sprint next to the Pepsi factory (finishes at the blue sign, now I know). Rain started on the road into the park. Heavy rain. Hammered the climbs because downhill was sketchy in the pack, limited breaking, couldn't see with the rain and my eyes were burning the entire loop between the sweat and rain and water from the other riders it was impossible. I had to sit just of the back to get any kind of sight. I was on the limit the entire loop. Not fun. I don't mind riding in the rain but that kind of riding will be saved for race day rain. I'll bring goggles.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Photoshop: Show us where it hurts

Tell Adobe how to make Photoshop faster.

Joe and Jennifer Remling Carve their own Road

http://www.carveyourownroad.com/ - The fam went to Piedmont Park tonight for the Remlings send off party. They are traveling around the US interviewing people for Carve Your Own Road, the book they are writing this summer.  They have partnered with Airstream and given them a 27 foot travel trailer to use for the adventure.

Leslie does the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon

Well, the bike leg of a relay team. Aidan and I held down the fort for a boy's night and day. Les said it was a great event and had lots of fun. She competed with her friends Katherine (who swam) and Lauren (who ran).

1 Hour Weights + 25 Min Elliptical

Time to get back to the gym and get some muscle mass back. Heavy on the leg weights, normal upper body and core. Easy cardio. Still haven't gotten all my weight back. Hovering around 170 lbs.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blankets MTB Ride

First ride with the new BMC. Mostly good. Didn't have too much time to ride, 20 miles. Matthew, Remling, Dayna and Craig joined me for some dirt action. Craig took us on a tour of some of the new trails. Climbing, steep technical climbing. uh. The bike handles really well but I need to spend some time dialing it in. Too much air in the shocks, beat me up quite a bit, cables are already stretched, ghost shifting all over the place after 8 miles, seat is sliding down. Nothing major just newness / break in. I'm hoping to get 2 more rides in before the "Big Event". Planning on a road race and the Covington century between now and then.

Leslie is in Chattanooga for the tri tomorrow. She's doing it relay style with 2 others. Bike leg and maybe the run if Lauren is not feeling well. Guys night, just Aidan and I.

My favorite TV time of the year. The first week of the TDF has been great. TIVO rules. Usually slow during the flat stages but exciting at the finish. All of the sprinters stepped up and Cancellara was a great first week leader. Tomorrow should be very exciting.

Friday, July 13, 2007

New BMC Mountain Bike!

Bad Ass! Oh ya. Just picked it up today from Bicycle Link. First ride out at Blankets tomorrow morning at 9 am, any takers? 28.7 pounds (was hoping for closer to 26 but that's OK) BMC 2007 fourstroke 3 frame, all XT components, Rock Shox Reba Race fork. Yes, I know the peddles don't match (using my old ones as well as my old wheels and seat). I'm now ready for the Fools Gold 100 on August 18th. Of course Aidan wanted to ride it.

mtb1.jpg mtb2.jpg mtb3.jpg mtb4.jpg mtb5.jpg mtb6.jpg

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pizza Ride

33 Miles. 20.8 avg mph. Good day today. Big group but some of the regulars were missing because of GC Rome race this weekend (Dana). Went too soon for the sprint inside the park, 4th starting up the hill but passed by the group just before the finish... wherever that is. I keep thinking it's the speed limit sign? We start with about 80 people when we hit the park and by the end of the second loop were down to 20 or so. Would have had the final sprint had I jumped 2 seconds earlier. Lots of power today. Legs feel really good. Finished second.

Just Launched - Harrison Design Associates

http://www.harrisondesignassociates.com/ - HDA had F650 use an existing website design and build a Flex Content Managment System that should be used as an application for NASA to organize and categorize photos. Instead it's a multi-leveled application for HDA to show their hundreds of portfolio projects and a tool for managment to show potential clients an even larger number of projects and detail examples. Phase one just launced. The heavy lifting on the development was done by Precia Carraway and Teddy Payne.


HELLYEAH - Some Easy Listening

45 Min Weights

Upper body and core today. Saving the legs for the pizza ride tonight.

Client Updates

Frequency 650 has posted updates to http://www.onescottsdale.com, http://www.ai3online.com,  http://www.eicatlanta.com and launched the monthly e-blast for Punta Mita http://www.puntamita.com.mx

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Aidan Gets a Hair Cut

The last 3 attempts to get Aidan's hair cut have been... unsuccessful. Today was a success.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Northlake Ride

30 Miles, I cut the out early again (always an excuse) I did only one loop but managed to stay at the front. Not recovered from the Sunday effort.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

156 Mile Mega Bike Ride

As part of my base training plan for a mountain bike race I have coming up next month, I decided to put a very long ride in to see what happens after 8+ hours of riding.

The Plan: Start at Forence Road (mile marker 11.2) on Silver Comet, ride 22 miles to Coot's Lake, where I met Matthew, 55 mile Coopermine loop, 56 mile Taylorsville loop, 22 miles back to the car.

Perfect weather, drizzly rain at the start down to the lake but was just a little wet with overcast most of the day. Matt and I rode side by side the entire day, not drafting, not once for the entire ride. I wasn't going to get any help on the MTB ride anyway. Matt rode strong, not budging one inch the entire 111 miles he rode with me. The 2 loops are tough hill rides (I could have picked much easier places to get a century ride in). We stopped twice for food (hot dog and chips and apple, banana and chips) and another 2 times for drinks. We managed a 16.8 mph pace for the first loop (silver comet and coopermine loop). 17.1 mph for the Taylorsville loop. Actually faster for the 2nd loop which took me to 133 miles. Everything after 110 miles felt weak, still outputting power I just felt weak. I should have stopped here at Matts car and called it a good day. At this point I was tired and weak but wanted to finish what I started. Matthew packed up and I went to the store to get more water (couldn't get any more food down at this point). I had 7 hours and 51 minutes of riding time at this point. I was thinking it would be about 9 hours of riding time so we were on pace for the day. Side note: my calves were contracting while sitting down at the last 2 rest stops on their own.

After a slow 10 minutes of riding up the comet I managed to pick the pace back up for about 25 minutes. At some point in time on this part of the ride, my Garmin (bike computer) died. It had been on for 10 hours or so including stops. I had mile markers on the trail so I knew how far I had to go but no idea of speed or overall stats. I got to mile 147 and started to feel nauseous and dizzy so I stopped at one of the benches. It seems that was my breaking point. After a few minutes of throwing up I felt better, only 9 miles left. The hardest and longest of my life. Once I got to the car it was all I could do to get my jersey unpacked and race to the grass to continue my heaving fest. Worst this time. How could I have anything left? I recovered and made it to Wendy's where I was only able to eat a few fries, a couple sips of coke and 1 bit of chicken. A small frosty gave me enough energy to get home in time to put Aidan to bed. Job done, I'm rTarded.

9.5 hours, 10,000+ calories burned, 6000+ feet of climbing, 142 avg hr - even after getting home and getting my appetite back, I had lost 8 pounds

156 Mile Ride Chart

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Tour de France has Started!

Prologue in London today. I'm picking Bradley Wiggins for the win today.

30 Min Weights + 1 Hour Spin

The legs are destroyed from the Peachtree run. I should probably try running a few times before the race to keep this from happening.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just Launched - HADP Architecture

http://www.hadparchitecture.com/ - Harper Aiken Donahue and Partners are an Atlanta Based Architectural firm with 7 offices in the south east. The site features an extensive portfolio, some flash features and a content management system for client updates.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Peachtree Road Race 10K

Happy 4th! Les and I ran the Peachtree this morning, just like every year. Good temperature (low 70's). We both ran Peachtree personal bests. Les ran it at 61 minutes and I finished in 55 minutes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

30 Mile Tucker Ride

Only 19 Miles with the group. This ride ends in Stone Mountain with everyone going there own way. We're running the Peachtree tomorrow so only one loop with the group. Legs were good, almost fully recovered from the century ride. Pulled through the front a few times in the park.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Construction MF - Day 59-64 - DONE

Were finished! Today was small project day. We've installed the backsplash, touch-up paint, turned the beverage fridge door around, hung bathroom mirrors and accessories (though the office fan is still on the floor behind me). A hectic few months but it looks like we survived and love the final product. Woohoo!

Cartersville Century 2007

97.58 Miles, 5 Hours 3 Minutes, 19.2 avg mph, 148 avg hr, 6780 calories burned, 4576 feet of climbing which seems like a lot less than it felt like.

Lots of people there but our group consisted of Reger, Dana, Lisa, Keith and few tag-alongs that jumped on as we came by them. Matthew and Dayna were a few minutes behind us. Spotted Hunter, Danielle, Michelle and a few of the group ride regulars at the start or during the ride. We started with the major group and leapfrogged around people until there weren't any left (about 45 minutes of riding time). 3 stops but the sags had fruit, sandwiches and drinks really needed for this mileage and heat. Dana and I pulled for the day leaving Lisa and Reger in base mode. Dana and I jumped away from the group for the last 20 miles to chase down someone who had been sitting in the back of our little pack for the previous 60 miles. It was strange because from this point on the roads flattened out, no more rolling hills so you could set a pace and hold it.

Everybody rode well, good company and fun ride overall. Props to my break away buddy Dana for helping to set the pace for the day and always riding strong. Very different than the speedy group rides as of late. I think this was a good pace for 100 miles without group help and on rolling terrain. Got my sites set on a 130 to 150 mile ride next weekend, trying to stay with the front group on the Covington Century ride and the Fools Gold 100 mile mountain bike race in August.

Dana's recap on the day - http://www.zoomartin.com/?p=298

Joe's recap on the day (lots of detail) - http://www.joereger.com/entry-logid2-eventid5904-2007-Cartersville-Century-and-Megaworkout.log