Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tucker Ride and Dinner at Enzo's Pizza

40 Mile ride (48 from the house and back). Met Dana and Bill at the start. This was the last group ride for me to conquer not being dropped from in town. First time I've gone out there this year. Not a problem, actually seems slow. Jumpy group though. One big crunch right in front of me with about 8 people involved (gotta keep a heads up). Everyone made it out OK though. 1 jack hole running his mouth as well but for the most part these are the same people I see each week on the pizza ride. One big sprint at the end just before Stone Mountain Village. I was ready and there but had no idea where the sprint ended and to my surprise the entire ride slows down to a crawl back into town after that (4+ miles or so). It doesn't matter how much Dana rides (SRC), she's always one of the strongest riders in the bunch. Sat on the front after the wreck to stay out of trouble. Blew both tires out just before we got back to main street as I follows the rider in front of me over a gaping hole in the road. I wasn't the only one to be changing a flat. Thanks to Dana for stopping and having an extra tube.

We met the Martin's for dinner at Enzo's Pizza, our new favorite Pizza joint. VERY GOOD! Good company. Aidan flirted with Brit and entertained everyone with his new apple trick.

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