Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Construction MF - Day 33-38

Electrical is done in the kitchen (Sunday) and the 3 exterior lights out back. The cabinets arrived today and are 90% installed. Still need 1 base cabinet, the top moldings a few tweaks here and there. Should be done tomorrow morning. We are getting frosted glass for the existing plexi place holders in the upper cabinets. The toe kick moldings will go in after the floor. Granite people are measuring tomorrow and "borrowing" our sink, faucet, and disposal switch for an exact fit.

For anyone who saw our original ideas, these images show a different story. Since we took over doing the construction ourselves we were able to upgrade EVERYTHING and still be under budget. So we revisited our material pallet and made some adjustments.

con6-6-1.jpg con6-6-2.jpg con6-6-3.jpg con6-6-4.jpg con6-6-5.jpg con6-6-6.jpg


  1. Thanks man! They put the upper moldings on today and some of the trim work. Getting closer!