Sunday, June 3, 2007

89 Mile 7 Gaps Ride

I met 4 Tri geeks for a serious day in the mountains. Katrina, Rod Bolls, Nate and Reger. Nate pealed off after 2 gaps. Rod gets the strong man of the day award. He waited for us at the top of all the climbs. Much faster pace than planned. 5 Hours 35 min of riding time, 9009 feet of climbing - woody's, wolfpen, jack's, unicoi, neel's, wolfpen, woody's, 16 mph avg pace, 153 avg hr, 7605 calories burned and 2 dead legs. Very strong riders, all of them. A good but tough day today. Thanks for letting me tag along!

treo_060-22.jpg 7gap.jpg

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