Thursday, June 28, 2007

33 Mile Pizza Ride

Big group 60 to 80 people? Hard to tell. Still not feeling 100% but getting better. 20.4 avg speed. Some interesting things happened on this ride. I intended to move up through the group on the second climb in the back hills but instead ended up passing the peleton and leading / chasing down 1 rider off the front all the way to the 3rd climb. I eased up and moved back into the pack thinking the legs might quite on me but it really wasn't a problem. This is a first for me. The few other times I've done things like this I haven't been able to recover. The group is also doing 2 loops inside the park now... joy. We ended up with 15 to 20 people at the park sprint. I was in the middle somewhere. Didn't have it to compete but happy to be there. Jeff Blou was the speed demon at the final sprint. I waited too long - 4th. I'm thinking my legs are getting stronger because my overall cadence is going down and I don't use anything but my large chain ring on the group rides. This may have an overall fatigue factor but it seems to help for the sprints and climbs. Headed to the Cartersville Century on Saturday.

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