Thursday, June 28, 2007

33 Mile Pizza Ride

Big group 60 to 80 people? Hard to tell. Still not feeling 100% but getting better. 20.4 avg speed. Some interesting things happened on this ride. I intended to move up through the group on the second climb in the back hills but instead ended up passing the peleton and leading / chasing down 1 rider off the front all the way to the 3rd climb. I eased up and moved back into the pack thinking the legs might quite on me but it really wasn't a problem. This is a first for me. The few other times I've done things like this I haven't been able to recover. The group is also doing 2 loops inside the park now... joy. We ended up with 15 to 20 people at the park sprint. I was in the middle somewhere. Didn't have it to compete but happy to be there. Jeff Blou was the speed demon at the final sprint. I waited too long - 4th. I'm thinking my legs are getting stronger because my overall cadence is going down and I don't use anything but my large chain ring on the group rides. This may have an overall fatigue factor but it seems to help for the sprints and climbs. Headed to the Cartersville Century on Saturday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Northlake / Tucker Ride - 30 Miles

I'm still sick but on the up turn I think. Had a plan to go with the group out to the mountain and if I was feeling OK by the time we got there, I would do 1 loop with the group and then head back home. Les was making dinner on the new oven and I don't need to push it and get more sick. Stayed with the group, no problem, just felt a little week like I didn't have a full tank of energy... to be expected. Saw Dana in the park and few of the regulars.

Construction MF - Day 54-58

Kitchen plumbing is in. I had to rewire the air switch for the disposal (mix match of plug and hard wire). Installed the 2 front lights out front as well (again, had to create a custom fix to get the lights mounted on the existing boxes embedded in the brick). The beverage center is in (they were nice enough to scratch our new floor installing it). Leslie has unpacked the entire kitchen and organized everything. The oven and hood vent are currently being installed. Stainless back splash Thursday (we hope).

The oven is in! That thing frigin incredible. Leslie initiated the stove tonight... ahhhh, real food again.

con6-26-1.jpg con6-26-2.jpg con6-26-3.jpg con6-26-4.jpg con6-26-5.jpg con6-26-6.jpg con6-26-7.jpg

30 Min Weights + 15 Min Spin

Very easy, just needed some kind of exercise. Still kind of sick. Planning on doing the Cartersville Century on Saturday.

Crouchs are Sick

Leslie has been sick for 2 weeks now. Aidan has the sniffles and I went down on Thursday. Not stay in bed kind of sick just annoying and slightly disabling. No exercise since last week but tons of house / construction projects.

Net Radio

Today is the "Internet radio day of silence "in which lots of online radio stations go dark in protest of rate hikes set to take effect on July 15th.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Construction MF - Day 51-53

Granite counter tops are in! Beautiful... Check out the detail shot. You can see why it's called Mahogany Blue Eyes. 24 hours for the under mount sink glue to dry so plumbing goes in tomorrow. The rest of the base and window trim was patched and painted today.

con6-21-1.jpg con6-21-2.jpg con6-21-3.jpg con6-21-4.jpg con6-21-5.jpg

30+ Mile Pizza Ride

The new route has 2 loops in the park now. Big summer group. Bad cramps, dehydrated. 2nd in the final sprint.

Water Toy for Aidan

Aidan redefines how his new toy is to be played with. Can't say he's not creative.
(His shirt is a result of me being on a conference call and letting him eat anything, any way he wants for some quiet time).

water1.jpg water2.jpg water3.jpg

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Construction MF - Day 43-50

All of the wood floors are now in. All of the kitchen cabinet trim is in. Frosted glass doors are in, window and base trim is all in. We located the templates for the granite slabs today (to be installed on Thurs.).

Iron Girl

Leslie is stepping up her game this year. She just finished the Ryka Iron Girl at Lake Lanier on Sunday. My parents, Aidan and I got up to the lake just before the start and were able to see Les through each of the event transitions.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

24 Mile House to Stone Mountain Ride

Showed up for the Sat. Tucker ride just before the 9:30 start. Except that it starts at 9:00. Not sure what I was thinking but messed that one up. Aidan and Les were looking at big trucks in the Engles parking lot (Fire truck, cement mixer, etc) before heading over to swim practice. I stopped by for a short visit and out to the mountain for a quick loop and back home to meet my parents who were coming into town for the weekend.

Friday, June 15, 2007

3 Gaps

2 Hours 8 Min. Met up with Reger and the Peachtree Bike team (Dana, Michelle and Lisa). Lisa set a not so conversational pace up Woody's, Michelle picked up the pace for Wolf and Dana raced up Neel's. Good strong ride.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

45 Min Weights + 25 Min Run + 38 Mile Tucker Northlake Ride

Gym in the morning, fast ride this afternoon. Smaller group. Starts with around 20 people but gains another 15+ on the way to the Mountain. Faster than the pizza ride. Dana jumped in at the park. Bill was on the ride as well. Good news, max hr 190... this means I'm not working as hard even with all the climbs. Chased a few people down on the second loop, messed up the final sprint. Pealed off of the group with Bill and road back in the wind and rain. Don't know where this ride was headed but it wasn't back to Tucker.

The proposed Surge on Fort Yargo adventure race was denied. Registration locked us out... @#@#%@#.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Construction MF - Day 39-42

Cabinet doors are getting frosted glass installed. We put a new fan in the living room from The Modern Fan Company and a Flos Mira C light in the Kitchen (sweet). Aidan got a balloon at Publix tonight - we extended the string so he can take it anywhere.

con6-10-1.jpg con6-10-2.jpg con6-10-3.jpg con6-10-4.jpg

21.4 Miles @ Stone Mountain

2 outside loops and 2 inside loops with Leslie. Leslie is ramping up her bike skills for events later in the season. Good base ride for me.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tucker Ride and Dinner at Enzo's Pizza

40 Mile ride (48 from the house and back). Met Dana and Bill at the start. This was the last group ride for me to conquer not being dropped from in town. First time I've gone out there this year. Not a problem, actually seems slow. Jumpy group though. One big crunch right in front of me with about 8 people involved (gotta keep a heads up). Everyone made it out OK though. 1 jack hole running his mouth as well but for the most part these are the same people I see each week on the pizza ride. One big sprint at the end just before Stone Mountain Village. I was ready and there but had no idea where the sprint ended and to my surprise the entire ride slows down to a crawl back into town after that (4+ miles or so). It doesn't matter how much Dana rides (SRC), she's always one of the strongest riders in the bunch. Sat on the front after the wreck to stay out of trouble. Blew both tires out just before we got back to main street as I follows the rider in front of me over a gaping hole in the road. I wasn't the only one to be changing a flat. Thanks to Dana for stopping and having an extra tube.

We met the Martin's for dinner at Enzo's Pizza, our new favorite Pizza joint. VERY GOOD! Good company. Aidan flirted with Brit and entertained everyone with his new apple trick.

Friday, June 8, 2007

10 Flash Headers Delivered

For The Texas Eye Group (site being developed by another firm)

40 Min Weights + 25 Min Run

The Peachtree is coming up... need to find some running lets so I don't embarrass myself. Leslie ran about 6 miles this morning.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pizza Ride

The usual ride. No legs today but stayed with the group even in the final sprint but had 0 kick, nothing. Not recovered from the gaps and gym.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Just Launched - Capital City Mechanical / Capital City Electrical - A new website for the 2 companies. F650 teamed with Ground-0 who provided the design.


Construction MF - Day 33-38

Electrical is done in the kitchen (Sunday) and the 3 exterior lights out back. The cabinets arrived today and are 90% installed. Still need 1 base cabinet, the top moldings a few tweaks here and there. Should be done tomorrow morning. We are getting frosted glass for the existing plexi place holders in the upper cabinets. The toe kick moldings will go in after the floor. Granite people are measuring tomorrow and "borrowing" our sink, faucet, and disposal switch for an exact fit.

For anyone who saw our original ideas, these images show a different story. Since we took over doing the construction ourselves we were able to upgrade EVERYTHING and still be under budget. So we revisited our material pallet and made some adjustments.

con6-6-1.jpg con6-6-2.jpg con6-6-3.jpg con6-6-4.jpg con6-6-5.jpg con6-6-6.jpg

45 Min Neighborhood Ride

Better than nothing. Lots of hills in this area - Midvale, Henderson Mill, Evans, etc.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

40 Min Weights + 20 Min Easy Spin

Gym and some spinning to keep the legs from being jumpy today. Still recovering from Sundays efforts.


My faith in live shows is renewed. It twas... Fantastic.

Aaron, Owen, Matthew and I went to the 6/4/2007 show at Gwinnett Arena. It’s been around 10 years since I’ve seen this band (@ The International Ballroom in 97 I think). Just under 2 hours of "the vision of TOOL". The best choreography of sound, video and lights I’ve ever seen. Each of the 11 or 12 songs were thought out and developed to be there own unique presentation and experience. 6 individual video screens, one behind each band member and 2 larger ones up high flanking the stage. Maynard was in silhouette the entire show. It was the best concert I have seen as “an adult”. After 7 songs or so, the band took a little breather / pow wow in the middle of the stage. The base player lit a lighter and started the torch lighting, terrible phone image below.

Set list (Aaron had this before the show - I think there were 1 or 2 more songs in here)

Schism (Extended/sped Up)
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Pushit (Extended)
Wings of Marie Part I
10,000 Days Wings Part II
Lateralus (Extended/Drum Solo)


Sunday, June 3, 2007

89 Mile 7 Gaps Ride

I met 4 Tri geeks for a serious day in the mountains. Katrina, Rod Bolls, Nate and Reger. Nate pealed off after 2 gaps. Rod gets the strong man of the day award. He waited for us at the top of all the climbs. Much faster pace than planned. 5 Hours 35 min of riding time, 9009 feet of climbing - woody's, wolfpen, jack's, unicoi, neel's, wolfpen, woody's, 16 mph avg pace, 153 avg hr, 7605 calories burned and 2 dead legs. Very strong riders, all of them. A good but tough day today. Thanks for letting me tag along!

treo_060-22.jpg 7gap.jpg