Sunday, May 6, 2007

Construction MF - Day 4-7

All demo is done (except for the kitchen essentials - sink, microwave and fridge). Oven, cook top, vent hood - gone, parquet floor in dining room and foyer - gone, kitchen sub floor - gone, base trim and old window / doorway trim - gone, brick fireplace - gone. Leslie and I busted butt Friday, Sat. and Sunday with lots of support from Grandma S including diving down the driveway, throwing herself in-front of Aidan on his scooter in his attempt to become evil knievel down our driveway. Road rash, bleeding and bruising show the battle scars of watching Aidan.

con5-6-1.jpg con5-6-2.jpg con5-6-3.jpg con5-6-4.jpg con5-6-5.jpg con5-6-6.jpg

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, shades of Japan! Someone I know used to play Evil Knievil down the back hill in Neghshi Heights on his big wheel. At least you, Marc, ended up in the bushes which is a little easier on the body but, NOT the parents. What goes around comes around :-)