Thursday, May 31, 2007

29 Mile Pizza Ride

20.2 mph avg pace tonight. They changed the inside loop back to the original sprint, straight up the hill to the back gate without the detour. I was able to be there for the sprint tonight (inside the park) for the first time. I've been just holding on the the pack. Somewhere around 7th but I was just happy to get there with some legs left. Managed 3rd on the end sprint as well.

Construction MF - Day 31-32

Cabinets are in town to be delivered next week! They came and measured / did some prep work today. Leslie got her office setup AND a new table for Aidan.

con5-31-1.jpg con5-31-2.jpg con5-31-3.jpg con5-31-4.jpg

Aidan Food Update

I wouldn't say he eats well by any means but he is expanding his horizons. He has reciently eaten an apple (whole), corn-on-the-cob, chicken salad and part of my taco tonight. Though he would prefer to eat chips for every meal.

arc_food1.jpg arc_food2.jpg arc_food3.jpg

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

45 Min Weights + BikeSouth Ride

Finally got back to the gym this week and hit the usual BikeSouth ride. 19 mph avg pace. Won both sprints again but this time, for the last one, I decided to hammer off the front at the top of the downhill (about 1 mile from the sprint line at the top of the climb). Ouch.

Construction MF - Day 26-30

1/2 Bath is done - new pedistal sink, trim, paint, floor and toilet guts. Lighting still sucks and we need a mirror and accessories but the "construction" work is done in there. Leslie's office is done - new carpet, new trim and new paint. Base trim installed over wood floors.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

19.5 Mile Mountain Bike Ride @ Blankets

2 Hours 11 Minutes, 2021 feet of climbing, 9 mph avg speed - not bad for a 2 hour ride and not having been on that bike for a while. I had to stop because I started to tear a hole in my hand from the grip shift. 5 loops.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Deftones @ tabernacle

OK show. Didn't compare the to last time I saw them. The opening band was terrible in every sense of the word (the fall of troy). The sound in the Tabernacle just does't cut it anymore with better venues like Earthlink Live and the Gwinett Civic Center. The band must have been high, drunk or just plain out of practice including the guy running the board because every band member made mistakes, bad notes, missed cues, effects at the wrong time, etc. Chino even starting singing at the wrong times... with all that said, it was still better than not seeing them.

Jojo and Max lost the fight but you should see the person who had the clippers

In an effort to save the dogs from the nail gun of the flooring going in and to give them a break from the heat of the summer, they got a little trim.

dogs1.jpg dogs2.jpg dogs3.jpg

Construction MF - Day 25

Pics of the finished fireplace. Half the wood floors are in. The rest has to wait until the kitchen cabinets go in.

con5-25-1.jpg con5-25-2.jpg con5-25-3.jpg

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ravin Homes Hold Page - Frequency 650 is working with Studio Tandem on a new website (actually, completely new branding) for the home developer who built most of Peachtree City.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Construction MF - Day 18-24

Kitchen electrical rough in done. Fireplace done (except for the final coat of sealer). All drywall patching is done. Doorway trim done. Living room, hallway, foyer and kitchen walls and ceiling painted.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

23.5 Mile BikeSouth Ride

Fun ride, good size group. Took both the sprints. (up till 2 grouting the fireplace)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

57 Mile Taylorsville Loop

SufferFest team rides again. Dana, Joe, Matthew and I took a loop around the RockMart area. (finished day 2 of stone for the fireplace)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Leslie Rocks the Peachtree City Tri

Leslie finished in 3:24:53. Unfortunately Aidan and I couldn't attend (the electrician was roughing in the kitchen). Leslie says thanks for the shout outs from Dana, Joe and Heather. Vanessa and Kelly had great races as well.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ben Forta Scorpio Tour @ ACFUG

Held at the Federal Reserve, Ben talked about the new features that "most likely" will be included in ColdFusion 8, to be released some time mid year. Some of the highlights for me were the image editing tags, ajax support, incorporated FCK editor for textarea, multiple threads (which Blue Dragon currently does), interaction with exchange server, PDF manipulation and finally some built in admin monitoring tools.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Construction MF - Day 15-17

Wood floor delivered (it will sit for the next week to "acclimate"). New doorway trim purchased and delivered (for all interior doors). 1/2 bath demo'd and wall paper removed. Electrical and cable finished in living room. Drywall finished in living room.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

23.65 Mile Bike South Ride

Big group today. I saw Kelly before the start (she went on loop #1). Normal pace 18.8 avg mph. Dropped my water bottle early on and had to go retrieve it. Remling made it out but got a flat in Avondale. Won both sprints today. Fun ride.

Just Launched - Casa Mexicana - Developed by the 3 amigos - A Texas based real estate developer for property in Mexico.


Monday, May 14, 2007

57 Mile Taylorsville Loop

Base ride alone this morning. It's been 5 weeks since I've been on a longer ride. I enjoyed the quiet time. Need more miles but it's easier with training buddies - back to training with Joe, Dana, Matt and Joe. 3 Hours 7 Minutes, 149 avg hr. Managed to keep 19.5 mph for the first 2 hours and stay at the top end of my base zone. More hills at the end, poor pavement and getting tired slowed me down to an 18.3 avg. Faster than the winter base training but less distance and not sharing the work load.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Leslie

Yes, mothers day and birthday on the same day. Twice the presents, twice the food (and the chocolate), twice the love.

Happy Mothers Day!

To Mom and Leslie and Mom

Construction MF - Day 11-14

HVAC duct moved, water line for the fridge is in, gas line for the stove is in, new hood vent duct installed, shut off valve for the 2 fire places have been moved and new on/off valve for the fireplace has been moved. Electrical has been lined up. Purchased the kitchen sink and faucet as well as the 1/2 bath pedestal sink and faucet. Viewed and chose our granite counter slabs (beautiful). Kitchen cabinets have been approved, purchased and ordered.

con5-13-1.jpg con5-13-2.jpg con5-13-3.jpg

Happy Birthday Dad!

It was on the 10th... sorry for the late post.

Pizza Ride

Big group on Thursday, maybe 60+ riders. Slow going out but ended up with a 21.4 mph avg pace for the 30 mile loop. The regulars were there, no Reger, headed to FL for the half IM and Remling is MIA. Dana jumped in, in the park for the fast loops. I beat the freight train in the sprint but still not enough effort to catch the front couple of guys.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Construction MF - Day 9-10

Our granite slabs are being delivered for viewing on Friday. Cabinet measurements were done and will be reviewed again tomorrow for ordering. Electrical, HVAC, gas and plumbing have been laid out. Some of the flooring has been shipped. Appliances will be ordered next week. Leslie picked up the drink fridge.

Punta Mita HTML Email and Equity Investments Update

Our month E-Blast went out today for Punta Mita as well as the quarterly update for EIC.

Bike South Ride

Forgot about Turner South filming the crit ride last night. Other things on my mind. Good size group on the #2 (fast) loop. Did very well on the sprints, 1 and 2. I saw Fish and Jeff? along with others on the ride. Need a base boost soon and put in some long miles. I was feeling tired at the end of the ride.

James Dyson on Living a Life of Failure - Interesting bits of information on his new book and what it takes to be an inventor and bring a product to market.

On another note - great add campain -

Monday, May 7, 2007

Construction MF - Day 8

Looked at several granite slabs and decided on one. Confirmed our appliances with my in-side source for a wolf oven and hood vent. Picked out, purchased and brought home the slate for the fireplace.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Stone Mountain Ride

Took Leslie around the outside loop for the first time today. 20 miles. Hills are no problem for Les. 3 Gaps, here we come.

Construction MF - Day 4-7

All demo is done (except for the kitchen essentials - sink, microwave and fridge). Oven, cook top, vent hood - gone, parquet floor in dining room and foyer - gone, kitchen sub floor - gone, base trim and old window / doorway trim - gone, brick fireplace - gone. Leslie and I busted butt Friday, Sat. and Sunday with lots of support from Grandma S including diving down the driveway, throwing herself in-front of Aidan on his scooter in his attempt to become evil knievel down our driveway. Road rash, bleeding and bruising show the battle scars of watching Aidan.

con5-6-1.jpg con5-6-2.jpg con5-6-3.jpg con5-6-4.jpg con5-6-5.jpg con5-6-6.jpg

Thursday, May 3, 2007

30 Mile Pizza Ride

First ride for me this week. Work and house have taken over. Stayed with the front group, legs and lungs felt good. 4th in the final sprint, sat back and waited this time to come from the back. Avg speed 20.6 mph. Met Dana and Joe at the start but they stopped at the Mountain. The group is getting bigger as it gets warmer and people are getting their riding form back.

Notes from the Roswell Crit - dropped after 20 minutes. The avg speed was 25 mph, slower than the Florida crit, and my avg hr was 185, lower than the Florida crit as well. Which means I was not ready to race. I have a laundry list of excuses but my lesson learned is you have to be 100% ready if your going to race. Diet, legs, mentally, a good warm-up and focus on the race. The Roswell crit was also kind of a disorganized disaster - access, parking, announcing, the works. It all needed some help. Road racing organizers could learn a few lessons from a USAT race.

Just Launched - Roth Distributing - A new website for Roth Distributing, a high end kitchen appliance dealer with showrooms in Denver, Boise, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Salt Lake City. This is the 2nd complete website for this client.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Construction MF - Day 3

More cabinets removed, tile floor removed. Just a little time each evening so far. Flooring company measured today (to double check our numbers). Grandma S arrived today to take over Aidan duty for a few days so we can work.

con5-2-1.jpg con5-2-2.jpg con5-2-3.jpg

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Construction MF - Day 2

More kitchen demo - island removed, pantry removed, some trim, some tile. Leslie finished packing the kitchen.