Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Muse & My Chemical Romance Concert

Aaron's wife Jennifer was sick so he gave me his extra ticket for the show last night. Muse was good, very large variety of musical styles from the 3 piece British band. Great sound at the venue (Gwinnett arena). MCR... not sure how to sum this up. The only way to describe the lead singer is a Goth Freddy Mercury. Again, the sound was good, good pyro technics and lights. Strange show, strange crowd. Kids, kids w/parents, college kids, adults. Bizarre atmosphere and show. Entertaining but not highly ranked as concerts go. We're seeing Tool at the same venue on June 4th.

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  1. Dude! We were at that show! MCR was incredible!!!! It was total Rock Opera! Goth Freddy Mercury?! Not so much...Gerard Way gives good show and he just reeks integrity!
    Sorry you missed the write up on my site.

    See ya!