Monday, April 9, 2007

50 Mile Buckhead Ride

With Reger, Dana, Matthew, Lisa, Michele - I wanted a 3+ hour ride this weekend as a base ride before the race next weekend. Didn't really happen. I got the ride time in but it was not an easy base ride. After a morning of donuts and Easter egg hunting a call from Reger - "Hay the 6 flags ride was canceled so we are riding at 12:30" - OK. 4000 feet of climbing as the 2 girls on the Peachtree Bikes team (Michelle and Lisa - trying to recruit Dana) wanted to give us the full tour of hills in Buckhead. Not a single flat road anywhere. I took is easy at the start but Michelle and Reger had other plans. Matthew and Lisa made abbreviated versions but the rest of us finished it out. It was also nice and cold, I didn't eat enough. Fun ride. I like new places and we had a good tour guide.

ride_buckhead.jpg treo_040-22.jpg treo_040-23.jpg treo_040-24.jpg

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