Monday, March 5, 2007

Construction Day 1

Removed the old closet connected to the office room (on the garage side), removed the shed entry, cut the sidewalk concrete and the basement concrete where the new bathroom will be. Now ready to be removed. They used a water cooled saw so the garage was full of water. Everything was moved up on pallets. I took the basement refrigerator apart (doors, electrical, panels and 50+ bolts - rtarded) moved it through 2 doorways and put it back together in its new location, the storage room.

con11.jpg con12.jpg con13.jpg


  1. Hey Son,
    Please save my lamp! Can't wait to see your pics. Don't envy the mess but, I think the effort will be more than worth it. I want to see the office when it's finished. BUT, you still need Aidan, at least once in a while to keep you honest :-). After all what would your notes be with out his notes?

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