Thursday, March 29, 2007

Everything Else

Signed the papers today to refinance our mortgage and roll the construction loan all into one. Aidan had school today and really enjoys being there now as well as swim class tonight. Spring break for him next week so no school, gym or swim. He's 20 months old, we need the break not him. The crew met at Sams tonight to shop for the Reger party tomorrow. Oh, and where was Joe who was just at ST. MTN. Flake - went home, took a shower and met us after we were done and thrown out because they were closing... tard. I WILL be drinking tomorrow.


Pizza Ride

Reger and Dana were there along with a handful of regulars I haven't seen since last season. Another change in the ride inside Stone Mountain. I think the ride distance is up to 30 miles now if you do the entire thing. I took a shortcut today. Went off the front early and paid the price for it. Legs are tired from the race on Sunday and the Tuesday ride. Finished 3rd on the final sprint (started from too far back).

Construction Day 21

Carpet is in... not much else happened.

con211.jpg con212.jpg con213.jpg con214.jpg

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Construction Day 20

Were almost done! Bathroom fixtures, toilet and sink are in, lighting and switches are in, everything has been painted and our washer and dryer are hooked up! Clean clothes! Carpet comes tomorrow.

Outstanding issues are return vent covers, fan (it was broken), painting the exterior items, finish painting and patching around the office back door (they had to re-cut the header to get the door in), toilet seat, bathroom mirror and shelves in the office closet.

con201.jpg con202.jpg con203.jpg con204.jpg con205.jpg con206.jpg con207.jpg

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Atlanta Adobe User Group Meeting

Meet tonight (3/27/2007) to show off the new CS3 products to be released next month from Adobe. Pre-recorded Quicktime videos. I was less than thrilled, not much wow factor. We'll have to dig through the Adobe website to find some real info on the new products.

24 Mile Bike South Ride

Dana made it out for the first time tonight on this ride. It was the usual interval training session, sprint recover climb recover and repeat. Remling came out of hiding as well for the ride. We had matching sleeveless jerseys... dorks. I felt good on the sprints tonight. It probably wasn't the smartest first ride after this past weekend but it was fun. 1 hour 20 minutes, 18 mph avg, new loop #2, 1458 feet of climbing.

Aidan is Infected...

Last night he had hives show up all over his body. This morning it had spread into large patches. We took him to the doctor and basically he's on Benadryl every 6 hours for the next week. He must have come into contact or ate something his body didn't like. Thank goodness he's not itching and not contagious.

Construction Day 18 + 19 - Week 4

The office back door it in and w/trim on the inside, tile and slate are grouted, base trim in the bathroom and laundry is done, the doors have handles, the outside shed now has hardyboard siding and we have a vanity sitting in place.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Georgia Cup #2 Gainesville Road Race

Up at 5:00, at Dana's at 6:00 and at the race before 7:00 and before the sun came up. This is the first road race for Dana and I so we didn't quite know what to expect.

To give you and understanding of the category breakdown, all the women were stuck in the same group for this series race. Pro, 1,2,3 and 4. Women start as a Cat 4 and after placing well in so many races you can request that USA Cycling (where you must purchase a racing licence) review your races and move you up to the next category, so Dana is a 4 but has to race in the same group as the Pros. For the men it goes all the way to Cat 5, which is me. I have 2 options to race in, Competitive 4 and 5's or Masters 35+ age group. Competitive was closed so I signed up for the Masters to later find out that the X-pro 1 and 2's ride in that group when they can't compete at the same level to beat every one up. Nice. I think there were 28 riders in Dana's group and 58 in mine (according to the on-line registration).

Dana's race report -  Started behind the Mens 4,5 competitive group at 8:05, 60K distance, 6 laps (36 miles). She managed to finish in 15th place - even with a crash. Go girl! You could tell she was one of the strong ones but had an unfortunate turn of events.

My race started at 11:15 behind the Pro,1,2's and then the Elites 3,4's then us. 80K distance, 8 laps (48 miles). It was ridiculously hot by then, in the 90's, no shade, brutal. The course is rolling hills for a few miles, 90 right turn over railroad tracks (where Dana crashed), more rolling hills, a 1 mile down hill, a few bumps and the 90 right turn 1.5 mile 9% climb, then 2 more shorter climbs to the start. Nasty.

Our group stayed together until the hill on the back side at about a 30 mph pace. Once we hit the hill, the pack was destroyed. I stayed with the front group over the first hill then fell to the back of it over the 2 other climbs up to the start. It was a very fast pace and we had a long way to go (HR 197 on the back hill and 190 at the start/finish) I had to slow down and let the group go to keep from blowing up. From there it turned into a 42 mile time trial. On lap 2 I was mostly alone but in good spirits. I caught somebody at the top of the climb in the back and invited him to jump on my wheel and I pulled him to the start/finish line. He returned the favor by offering to work for me until his legs gave out was around at the climb on the backside again. That saved me some energy and great sportsmanship. On the 3rd lap the Pro's caught me and I jumped on the back for a few miles... again until the big climb in the back. (see a theme here). I yelled at Dana to have another water bottle for me for the start of the 5th lap, I was almost out and making an effort to conserve a little but it was hot as hell. Every time I tried to eat I couldn't chew with the dry mouth and my heart rate pegged. I'd get a few nuggets down and spit the rest out. I was way under nourished for the ride and didn't eat enough before. I felt really good on the 4th and 5th lap, and passed 4 or 5 people. People were starting to blow up and abandon the race. Between the heat, starting pace of the ride and the ridiculous hills it was tough. On the sixth lap I was starting to get tired, stomach cramps, feet hurting (I think because I was climbing in a strange position just to get the peddles to turn over) but lucked out when one of the dropped pro riders came by at a reasonable pace.. jumped behind him again, until the climb in the back. He seemed to be annoyed by this, kept turning around... not sure why. By lap 7 the legs were about toast and it was all mental to finish the race. The front of the Masters group was just finishing when I came through (not something you want to hear). Lap 8 was deserted. I had run out of water just wanted to get to the end. Areas where there were people watching were gone, 2 of the corners where people were stopping cars and flagging us there were missing... what the hell, did every behind me quite or something and I'm the last one out here? Someone passed me on the hill on the last lap and I was just waiting to look at their number to see if they were in my group... nope, another pro. Good because he was climbing way to fast that late in the race. I finished. Dana helped me to the car. My feet were killing me making it hard to walk but the legs were fine. I just wanted to curl up in the fetal position for a while and cry, I mean recover. No shade to be found...

They posted the results and I managed to finish 25th out of 58. I guess there were other people out on the course. I know a bunch of people abandoned the race so it pays to tuff it out. I said I would finish last before I quit. For some reason they also posted the riders who were Cat 4 and 5's in the results list. Mine was the best place Cat 5 rider. That made me happy. My avg HR was 174 (including the end of the race and stroll to the car - forgot to turn it off) with a max of 197, time of 2:43 minutes, 3750 feet of climbing. Technically it was a race but next time I'm riding a more flat course so I'm with a group longer. I think I'm also going to move over to the competitive group with the other Cat 5 riders to see what happens. It was a good first race learning experience.

ga1.jpg ga2.jpg ga3.jpg ga4.jpg ga5.jpg ga6.jpg ga7.jpg ga8.jpg

Aidan's Sunday

Leslie took Aidan to Hickory house for breakfast, target, then to the decalb airport to watch the planes and play on the playground. She said he actually sat still for 30 min to watch the plans... and yell at them. He got some french fries for lunch (at Wendy's) and I made them go to Los Hermanos for dinner. Very busy day.

Construction Day 17 (Sunday)

Grouted the slate floor after sealing it yesterday.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Construction Day 16 (Saturday)

Re-cut the brick for the back door, did some painting, tile was put down in the laundry room and slate in the bathroom floor.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Construction Day 15

Walls are painted (office, hallway, bathroom and stairs) and the tile is in around the tub.

con151.jpg con152.jpg con153.jpg

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Joe Reger party post-poned to Friday the 30th

Joe, Heather and Ava are all sick. Their also doing the ING marathon on Sunday so tomorrow is a no-go.

Aidan - Director, Swimmer

While I was working today, Aidan pushed the ottoman over to the office gate, got on top of it on his knees and talked to me for about an hour (while I worked... kind of). About what I have no idea. He had school this morning and his second swim class this afternoon.

swim1.jpg swim2.jpg swim3.jpg swim4.jpg

Construction Day 14

Ceilings got a second coat of paint, all the trim is in and some painted, bathroom is painted, bathroom has a floor lever compound on it for the slate floor (changed from the tile). White tile around the tub to the ceiling. The office back door was delivered (4 inches wider than the rough opening.. doh).

con141.jpg con142.jpg con143.jpg

20 Min Weights, 45 Min Spin

Just upper body and core today with easy spining and a little 1 leg spinning. Taking it easy... first race on Sunday in Gainsville. It was funny to watch the moms come in and fight over spin bikes for the morning spin class, even taking the instructor bike because it was the number bike she always uses.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Construction Day 13

Walls primed and ceilings painted. All the doors but the office closet are in. Some baseboards are in.

con131.jpg con132.jpg con133.jpg con134.jpg

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Aidan's First Swim Class

Big day for Aidan, gymnastics this morning and swim class this afternoon! He LOVED it. Were going to take some pictures on Thursday, his next class.

Construction Day 12

2 doors in with frames, drywall sanded (they were very late today - the plan was to start priming the walls with paint). Door on the exterior shed.

Note: the washer and dryer were connected for us to use... sump pump was not plugged into a working outlet... small flood. Nice. AND the tub is damaged from the drywallers.

As soon as this is all over, I'm re-doing that deck and those stairs.

con122.jpg con123.jpg con121.jpg

20 Mile BikeSouth Ride - Loop #1

Small group of 15 people. This ride has 2 loops but not enough people today so everyone went on the old route. My job for the day was to sit behind whoever was in the front, but never be in the front. Job done. Not a tough ride but aggressive on the hills. People got dropped, had mechanical issues and pealed off to go home at various points. Ended with 3 people and alone for the last mile (only one going back to the parking lot).

Monday, March 19, 2007

Construction Day 11

Not much to view today. Sanded the drywall and another round of mud. Half of the columns under the deck were re-attached correctly and the outside shed has an front cover on it now.

Looks like Phase II (upstairs floors and kitchen renovation) will start on April 9th. That should give us about a week and a half of quiet time before the real chaos begins.

40 Min. Weights + 20 Min. Elliptical

Need to be more consistent this week on the training and food. Looks like my first race will be on Sunday.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Peachtree.... Doh

For the last 8 years Leslie has had our Peachtree applications filled out and in the mailbox next to the atlanta track club by noon on Saturday the day the paper application came out. For some reason we flaked this weekend. Thanks to Joe for puting the remider on his blog. It's in the Tucker post office now. What are the chances that 45,000 people all remembered today?

36.5 Mile Ride

House to Stone Mountain and Back. I also did my fitness test at the mountain, 3 mile sprint 2 times. I've been going to Columns Drive for this but it's just easier at the mountain. Taco Mac chicken wings w/ blue cheese and french fries didn't help much for the ride... but mmmmm tasty.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pre-Party Party

Heather / Joe / Ava and Dana / Chris made it over to the house last night for some margarita tasting, salsa tasting, guacamole tasting... and some chili and some desert (Leslie can't help herself with the food thing). Joe's B-Day / Heather - Joe moving party is next weekend... plans were made. Ava and Aidan played for hours, very cool. We had a great time, thanks for coming over. Joe's site has some pics of the kids.


Material Research

Went to Ikea, Miami Circle and G&L Marble today to look at stuff... not a lot of conclusions. We did find a nice dark grey granite with blue chips in it that we liked called mahogany blue eyes, not much else.

Construction Day 10

Drywall has been taped and mudded (added some drywall to the storage room). Framing for the storage shed has started. Basement stairs now have risers and treds (it was just 2x4 framing before).

con101.jpg con102.jpg con103.jpg con104.jpg con105.jpg

Thursday, March 15, 2007

26.5 Mile Pizza Ride

Dana and I stayed with the front pack for the entire ride! This is the first time ever... 3 seasons in the making. Small group, maybe 15 people (the serious boys). The first ride of the season, early start and threat of rain keep most people away. I managed to find the right wheel to stay in about 3rd position all the way through the hills and around the inside. A little yo-yo on the sprint toward the back gate but Dana and I got back on quickly. Some light rain and wet roads on the way back. Had enough energy to stay with the sprinters on the last 2 sprints on the way back. 20.2 mph avg. This is average for this ride. The pace will pick up during the season and with a bigger group. Dana is getting very strong, taking on the big boys with no problems. Good ride, happy days. I celebrated with some T-Bell!

Construction Day 9

Drywall is in.... (tape and mud tomorrow).

Garage looking back toward bathroom and stairs.

con91.jpg con92.jpg

Hallway to office, bathroom, laundry room

con93.jpg con94.jpg con95.jpg

Office looking toward to-be back door (back of house), office looking toward bathroom and hallway

con96.jpg con97.jpg