Saturday, February 17, 2007

Surprise Birthday Bash

Dana and Joe posted some nice things about the gathering. I'm now 35... and can finally compete in the Masters category. Ya, that's what I've been waiting for (sarcasm).

Leslie did a great job surprising me and cooking all the food. I knew something was up but not sure what. I've been too busy with work to even pick my head up much less snoop around and ask 20 questions. It was great that so many people made it, thanks for the gifts and the great time!

Reger posted some photos - these are only a few.

bday1.jpg bday2.jpg bday3.jpg bday4.jpg bday5.jpg bday6.jpg


  1. Marc, I'm so sorry I wasn't there for your birthday. I would have really loved celebrating with you guys AND having some of Leslie's amazing cake!

  2. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!! sorry I forgot. I can never remember anyones b-day.