Monday, February 19, 2007

SufferFest 07


Thursday Feb 22nd
Serrano Ride (east)
100 miles

Friday Feb 23rd
Silver Comet 22 miles, Taylorsville loop 56 miles, Silver Comet 30 miles (west)
108 miles

Saturday Feb 24th
Gaps / Muscle Mountain Dahlonega (north)
75 miles

Sunday Feb 25th
Budweiser Brewery / Beautiful Backroads / Cartersville (north west)
80+ miles

Mileage goal:
360 miles - a full random circle, 90 miles/day avg

Meeting at Panera every morning at 8:30am in Tucker. Post rides include Moe's.

Pop Tarts
Tab Energy Drink

Official sponsors:
Frequency 650

Riders are welcome to join us. This is a base pace ride however, this is a working camp, not a social one. We'll be wearing iPods, etc. Each person will need to bring their own maps. Dropped riders must fend for themselves. All interested persons should contact Dana, Reger or I prior to the day of the ride.


  1. [...] OK here’s the skinny on Sufferfest…Marc posted the schedule Feel free to join. The more wheels, the merrier. We’ll ride at our own pace based on goals etc so contact one of us so we can get you a map. You can do whatever distance of the routes you’d like. We just want to see you show up and keep us company. Oh and in case you’re wondering why we’re doing this? We looked into going to a cycling camp but decided we would just do it on our own so we can stay local and work around our family schedules and we love to ride so why not?! C’mon out ya’ll. [...]

  2. I'll see you on Saturday and Sunday. I plan to bring lots of Band-Aids for Dana!

  3. Great! Bring a rope to drag me along as well. The more help the better. We'll need it by the weekend.