Saturday, February 3, 2007

80 Mile Ride - Silver Comet Trail + Taylorsville Loop

Dana's email... Let's ride 60 to 80 miles on Saturday. It'll be 27 degrees out, and we can get up at 6:00 am eat at 7:00 (in the dark) and riding by 8:00. I'm sick and have a twisted ankle.. Great Plan! NOT

We did it anyway. The ride went 22 miles down SCT and hooked onto the Taylorville Loop. Joe was nice enough to pull us the entire 20 miles at the start. It was marked very well and the roads were very smooth. Unfortunately, it was freezing the entire ride (my hands and face - everything else was good). We cut it short realizing we would break the 100 mile mark if we had continued... and Joe forgot to bring any food or water. Short cut to Rockmart and SCT trail 30 miles back to the car. 80.5 miles in 4 hours 45 minutes. Not hammering but we were working. We stopped half way for Joe and Dana to eat a box of Pop Tarts and chocolate. Saw a dozen trucks with guys in hunting camo AND someone got arrested in the parking lot. Exciting day in the middle of no where. Joe also left his empty water bottle (which he finally filled with Gatorade - doh)

I felt strong today, not sure why, I'm sick. Maybe it was the drugs. Strange thing is I feel better now than I have the last 3 days. When I got back, it was off to the mall for some shopping and chasing Aidan around 2 stores for a couple of hours... maybe I should log some run time.

I have to admit, I like training with Dana and Joe. I end up putting in more training days, are always supportive - no negative energy, they have been training longer than I have and have advice for any issues I'm having and when your beating on yourself for 1 to 5 hours at a time, having good company makes it a lot easier... but no slacking. Thanks guys.

Reger tooks some pics (some below) and has some cold weather training advice. (oh, the gloves in the pics, donated "sanitary gloves" from Panera. An experiment to keep the hands windproof under the gloves. It kind of worked like a wetsuit - not great)

sct2.jpg sct1.jpg

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